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Air Repair Pros is the right company for any heating and airconditioning repair McKinney TX. We are EPA certified and provide quick and reliable HVAC equipment repair in the North Dallas area. With more than 20 years of service in the HVAC industry, you can trust us with your home’s heating and cooling system. We offer a fair price, and we fix it right, the first time. Entrust your air conditioning repair, heating repair, and HVAC needs to the Air Repair Pros for guaranteed excellent results.

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Air Repair Pros recommends that you support the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, find their website at We look forward to servicing your home, and thank you for checking out our site. Please call us anytime at (972) 302-5412, we are available 24/7/365. See why thousands of homes in the North Dallas area of Texas have let the Air Repair Pros handle any HVAC repairs.

When living in McKinney, you never know what kind of weather to expect. Sometimes we have brutally cold winters, but we almost always have summers that feel like we are going to melt if we walk outside. That is why having your HVAC system in excellent shape is so important. If your air conditioner happens to break down hottest part of the summer, as they always seem to do, your home can reach temperature levels that can be dangerous for you and your family, and any pets that you have. Turning on all of your fans can help increase the evaporation from your skin, helping your body to cool down, but that only works when the air inside your home is dry. Texas summers can be quite humid, which means this evaporative effect won’t help.

We are one of the largest air conditioning and heating repair and service companies in the area North of Dallas, so we are able to provide you with extremely fast response times, often same-day, and giving you the highest level of quality service that comes with the almost four decades of experience that we have, all while keeping the service prices affordable for you. Our technicians are kept up-to-date with all of the latest air conditioning and heating technology to ensure that your system is state-of-the-art, and runs as efficiently as possible.

We service all makes and models, including top performers such as TRANE, Bryant, York, Carrier, Lennox, and Goodman. All of the parts we install are ensured to work with your system’s make and model, to ensure that you get the longest lifespan out of your heating or air conditioning unit.

If you are unsure whether you need just a part to get your system up and running again, or if it would be more cost-effective to install a new system, give us a call. We can come out and take a look at your system and determine the overall efficiency of your home, and give you a comparison between the cost of keeping your current system running, versus replacing it with a new, energy-efficient system.

Often times, McKinney can be hot for a very long period of time, and this is when we see most units start to fail. Call the Air Repair Pros McKinney today to ensure that you and your family will be safe and comfortable all year, with the best heating and air conditioning service team, safe guarding your home.

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Tips to Help You Save on Heating & Cooling Repairs in McKinney TX

As you search for heating & cooling repairs in McKinney TX, be guided by advice from the experts. Through our website, we offer tips not only for maintenance and proper care but also tips for saving money. Consider these tips:

  • Hire the best HVAC repair service To do this, use Google. That’s how people quickly find competent technicians when they search for McKinney AC companies near me as the browser has the function of showing the closest contractors or businesses to the searcher’s location.

Remember to spend time comparing prices. Check if the price is appropriate for the service.

  • Clean your filters regularly, or replace them when necessary. The air in your spaces can become stagnant, thereby inviting bacterial growth. An old air filter causes your system to take longer in cooling or heating the area. When the airflow is blocked you will sometimes feel that it is not working, though the unit is plugged to the electrical supply and is running. Just like with refrigerators, the unit will be working harder to produce the needed temperature level, resulting in higher bills.
  • When looking for air conditioning repair in McKinney TX, pay attention to ratings by reviewers and concerned agencies dedicated to helping consumers find the best companies and services. For that, you have the BBB, YELP, etc.
  • When comparing prices from different heating and air conditioning repair in McKinney TX contractors, consider the time of the year (meaning, whether it is the peak season for repair services or not, as prices are higher as summer or winter approaches), and the complexity, size, and age of your system. All of these factors impact the overall cost.

The average total cost for most services is between $100 and $150. Central air repair leak services cost more – at $550 to $1000.

In the United States, the maximum cost for air conditioning repair service is placed at $2500 with $75 being the minimum.

For maintenance services, the flat fee for a one-time visit costs $70 – $100. The yearly maintenance contract costs $150.

24-Hour AC Repair in McKinney TX – Save on Heating & Cooling Repairs Tips

Make sure you do your research, and if you can, have someone in your family or a friend inspect the unit first, check what is wrong with it, and ask them whether or not they have experienced the same problem previously. That’s before calling a professional in.

Go scour the internet and collect quotes from different companies. These quotes are often offered for free, so collect as many as you can and make an apple-to-apple comparison.

Make sure also that you get a good idea of the repairs that need to be done, as some companies jack up costs by including some things that don’t actually need repair or replacement.

Do ask them if you can buy replacement parts on your own, as parts from technicians are priced higher, so to really make it low cost, do some of the tasks yourself – like buying parts.

For Heating & Cooling Repairs in McKinney TX services, check out Air Repair Pros, or call them for a free assessment of your system, or to schedule a meeting.

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