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Most HVAC systems are driven by two critical components: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, called an air handler. Air handlers are responsible for circulating air throughout a home and contribute significantly to the overall consistency and efficiency of an HVAC system. If you are looking into energy-saving options or believe it’s time for a replacement, Air Repair Pros is ready to assist you.

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We are proud to be a preferred vendor of Trane products and continue to outfit homes throughout the Northern Dallas area with modern, top-of-the-line HVAC products and technology. Our experienced and dedicated Frisco HVAC repair professionals are ready to assess your home and discuss a possible replacement for your air handler unit.

Our Trane Air Handlers

M-Series Climate Changer™ and TEM 6 Air Handlers: A reliable M Series air handler is affordable and works with many Trane cooling and heating systems. They combine all-aluminum coils for durability and rust prevention

The TEM6 air handler for residential customers comes equipped with a variable speed motor, and Trane’s Comfort-R technology, which is not only affordable but highly efficient and long-lasting.

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