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Heating Repair & Services in Frisco, TX

Heating Repair & Services in Frisco TX

You need Heating Repair & Services in Frisco TX if you have woken up freezing at night in cold winter. Air Repair Pros has been offering furnace repair service for many years in Frisco with a 100% success rate.

Not only do we offer high-quality service to make your home more comfortable in the cold winter months, but you will enjoy all the perks at the most affordable prices via our Comfort Club Membership program.

Why Do You Need Furnace Repair Service?

For any homeowner in Frisco, TX, it is frustrating and annoying to see the furnace is not working appropriately in the winter months. It will surely affect your comfort, and you may have to repair the furnace.

Most homeowners try to fix the issues themselves as DIY projects. However, DIY repairs can lead to further complications, which may cause you to replace the heating system completely.

The blower is always on

When you set the thermostat on “Auto” mode, the fan of your furnace should only blow when it is in the middle of a heating cycle. However, if the blower runs constantly, this is not normal.

Various reasons could cause the blower to run constantly, such as you have set the wrong thermostat settings, the fan switch is set to “manual override,” a shorted thermostat wire, etc.

Our technician will visit your home and check the furnace for problems. The technician will use advanced tools to detect issues in the heating system that are causing the blower to run constantly. Then, using his experience and skills, he will fix the problem ASAP to make the system run properly.

    The unit is emitting unusual noises

    Different reasons can cause loud furnace noises. The problem is to know the cause, and from there, we will see how we can remedy the situation. Although you can fix some of the issues yourself (DIY), others will require an expert Heating Repair & Services in Frisco TX.

    A problem with the fan blowing hot air through the vents can cause unusual loud noises. Most often, the issue occurs due to worn-out fan bearings. In that case, our technician will replace the fan bearings to stop:

    • Whistling Noises
    • Rattling and Vibration
    • Motor Noise
    • Squeaking

      The burners will not light or stay lit

      If you have noticed the burner of your furnace not lighting or staying lit, then you need furnace repair service. Most often, the problem is caused by:

      Dirty flame sensor: The dirt accumulated in the sensor can cause it to operate intermittently.

      Broken thermocouple: It is a safety component of the furnace system. When it senses that the flame is inappropriate, it will shut off the gas flow to avoid filling your house with flammable gas. Malfunctions in the thermocouple can cause the burner not to stay lit.

      Tripping pressure switch: The burner will not light or stay lit if the pressure switch detects problems in the venting system. Blocked registers, obstructions in the ductwork, and dirty air filters can cause improper venting in your home.

      You can’t fix the problems in the safety components of the furnace system. You have to call a professional heating and repair services in Frisco TX to diagnose the issues and repair the system.

        The unit has trouble coming on

        There are various reasons why the unit is not turning on. Some common reasons are:

        Defective Thermostat: The thermostat is responsible for turning “ON” and “OFF” the furnace system. A dirty or defective thermostat will not allow the furnace to turn “ON.”

        Blown Fuse: The furnace system uses gas to produce heat. However, it also uses electric power to blow air. A blown-fuse will cause the system not to turn “ON.” You can check the circuit breaker or call a repair service to fix the problem.

        Moreover, problems in the gas valve, dirty air filter, and overheating can also cause problems in the unit. So, if the heating system is not turning “ON,” call Air Repair Pros – a professional furnace repair service.

          The pilot light is out

          Some old furnace systems use a gas-lit pilot light. Make sure the flame is burning. A blown-out pilot light won’t ignite properly. There are various reasons the pilot light of the furnace may have gone out.

          For instance, one of the reasons is a weak burning flame, which means the pilot light burn bright blue. In case it turns yellow, then there is something wrong with the thermocouple of any other component that causes the problem.

          Air Repair Pros is one of the best Heating Repair & Services in Frisco TX that solve any of the above problems by sending its qualified, professional, and experienced technician.

            Signs of a Broken Heater

            Some symptoms of a broken heater are subtle, while others are easy to spot. Even if you only suspect that your heating system isn’t operating as efficiently as possible, our professionals are prepared to come to your home and perform an inspection.

            Your heating system may require repair or service if:

            • The blower is always on
            • The unit is emitting unusual noises
            • The burners will not light or stay lit
            • The unit has trouble coming on
            • The pilot light is out

            Don’t DIY! Call Air Repair Pros Call Air Repair Pros Frisco

            If your heater has any of these symptoms, do not try to fix the problem on your own. Gas-powered, electric, and any other type of HVAC system requires the expertise of a professional heater specialist. Our skilled technicians can repair your heating system quickly and efficiently. If your heating system is in such condition that you may want to consider replacing it instead of repairing it, then our knowledgeable technicians can help you find a suitable unit that fits your needs and budget.

            Seasonal Maintenance is a Must

            In order to keep your heater in peak condition, it is recommended that you have seasonal maintenance and service performed. By having your heater serviced once a year before the cold weather hits, you can avoid potentially costly repairs or replacement. We can provide you with seasonal preventative maintenance on your heater so that you can make sure your family will be warm all winter long.

            We Put Our Customers First

            For nearly four decades, we have been providing top-quality heating services in Frisco and the surrounding areas. We believe in being committed to old-fashioned values of integrity and always make the comfort and security of our customers our top priority. We take pride in keeping homes Texas-weather ready.

            Schedule service for your heating system. Contact your friendly HVAC specialists at Air Repair Pros today.

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