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Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Not Working?

“My air conditioning unit is not working” is the most common complaint or concern of people in Frisco, TX. As summer approaches and the hot wind blows, everyone in Frisco, TX is running their AC systems. There is one thing very unfortunate about the AC systems – i.e. they don’t work when you need them the most. It is not comfortable at all to wait for the AC system to get fixed when it is 50 degrees Centigrade outside. When possible, you want to avoid issues that could cause the AC system to malfunction. So, you need to know why the air conditioning unit is not working. Here are a few common reasons behind AC unit problems. Read on!

Dead Thermostat Batteries

The air conditioning unit not working can sometimes be due to dead thermostat batteries. If the thermostat is not displaying anything, it means the batteries are dead. You can simply switch the batteries yourself. However, if you leave any loopholes or wrongly insert them, you can further complicate the issue. Therefore, experts recommend hiring a professional service that can solve common AC problems like replacing thermostat batteries to make the system function properly. If you want to avoid this problem in the future, call Air Repair Pros and we will send a technician that will check the thermostat for malfunctioned batteries or any other potential issue.

A Tripped Circuit Breaker

Another reason your air conditioning unit not working is a tripped circuit breaker. Hire a skilled technician who will check the breaker box and find whether or not the breaker is tripped. The technician may find out that the breaker is the one that connects to the AC system. First, he will reset the breaker and try the AC system again. Circuit overload is the most common problem that causes the breaker tripping. The technician will analyze the situation and shut off unnecessary equipment that is contributing to the issue.

A Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is one of the common AC problems that lead to the air conditioning unit not working. This problem occurs when the AC system blows two fuses. These are the literal fuses that connect the thermostat and the internal fuse. A blown fuse between the AC and the thermostat is like a poorly charged battery in the car. Before the problem gets worse, you need to hire a technician who upon the diagnosis of the problem will replace the fuse. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself unless you have got special training. It is ideal to call an AC repair company to fix the issue.

A Blown Transformer

A blown transformer is another reason for the air conditioning unit not working. It seems similar to the same blown fuse problem, however, it is a completely different issue. Well, the outcome of both problems is identical. Anyway, a bad contactor leads to a blown transformer. So, you need to call a professional repairing company to send a technician who will check for the problem and fix it. Most probably, the technician will switch out the blown transformer and replace it with a new one. If the transformer is okay, then the wiring is causing the problem. For a qualified technician, it is easy to change the wiring or fix it.

Dirty Coils

The air conditioning unit not working can cause frustration to the homeowner in hot summer months. Well, dirty coils are one of the most common AC problems that can stop the AC from working properly. Sometimes, the thermostat of the AC is set to “cooling mode,” but the air coming out the vents is not cool at all. If this is the case, the problem is due to a dirty coil. The AC unit coil gets dirty if you have not serviced your central AC system regularly. Again, we don’t recommend cleaning the coils yourself as you can damage them. This will cost you more money. In contrast, the best thing is to call the Air Repair Pros. They will send a technician who will have all the required tools to clean the coils.

What is the best solution to these common AC problems?

Although these are common AC problems, they can make the air conditioning unit not working properly. Keep in mind that you can prevent these problems if you hire a professional service to analyze the system regularly. Usually, you can avoid the agony of a malfunctioned AC by letting the Air Repair Pros technician will make thorough inspections and tune-ups to identify issues before they become agonizing problems. This way, the technician can help repair the air conditioning unit not working.

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