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Cross Roads TX HVAC Repairs – Compressor Problems

Cross Roads TX HVAC Repairs offered by Air Repair Pros can fix a wide range of compressor problems. An AC system’s compressor is the central component that allows the system to work optimally. A compressor has an average lifespan between 10 and 15 years.

Likewise, your AC system’s compressor can undergo various problems, and sometimes, it is impossible to fix it. Anyway, a compressor’s job is to compress the refrigerant and pump it through the air conditioning system to remove humidity, heat, and warm air.

Always hire a professional company that offers Cross Roads TX HVAC Repairs to fix compressor problems. Let us now discuss the common causes of compressor problems and how our company’s qualified technicians can fix them. Read on!

Dirty Coils

Dirt, dust, grime, and other environmental pollutants can build up on the condenser coil. As a result, your AC system won’t expel enough heat and work hard to cool the indoor space. The increased temperature and pressure can cause compressor overheating and failure eventually. Call Air Repair Pros, a professional company that offers Cross Roads TX HVAC Repairs, to fix the problem and make the unit running optimally.

Clogged Suction Lines

Blocked or damaged refrigerant lines of your AC system lead to a wide range of complications, including damages to the compressor. As a result, the compressor does not work optimally and fails to cool the indoor space. It is crucial to fix the problem on time. Otherwise, it will cause AC compressor failure due to overheating.

Low Refrigerant Charge

Low refrigerant charge is another cause of compressor damage. When the refrigerant lines develop cracks and holes, it will leak the refrigerant, leading to lower levels and causing the compressor to use more energy and work harder to flow enough refrigerant through the AC system. Bear in mind that the pressure on the compressor can cause it to break down. Call Air Repair Pros for an effective refrigerant charge.

Incorrect Suction Line Size

Leaks developed in the refrigerant lines of your AC system can cause problems. Therefore, we recommend replacing the line to ensure the system works optimally and prevent the compressor from undergoing damages. However, this is not a DIY task, and hiring a professional technician with experience in addressing compressor problems is essential.

Too Much Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels can cause compressor problems. At the same time, too much refrigerant or higher levels can lead to issues. So, it is wise to keep the refrigerant levels balanced and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember, this requires regular system inspections and maintenance.

Likewise, a wrong type of refrigerant can break down the compressor, causing you to replace the entire unit, which can break the bank. Therefore, leave the task to our professional technicians to avoid the hassle of expensive repairs or replacement.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems or failures can lead to acid accumulation and cause significant damages to the AC system, including the compressor. A failed compressor is directly proportional to replacing the entire unit if you neglect repairing it on time.

Make sure you hire a professional technician to look for the acids’ presence in the system. Our technician will visit your home and inspect the system for acids. The purpose is to determine whether an electrical burnout has damaged the system. in that case, it is not a good idea to fix the system.


An air conditioning system that forces itself to cool the indoor space often undergoes a wide range of problems. These issues are often due to accumulated contaminants in the system that enters the unit from outdoors, rooftops, and crawl spaces in your home.

Environmental contaminants include air, moisture, dirt, dust, debris, soot, acids, leaves, and dropping of birds and rodents. Not only do these contaminants damage the system, but they also cause the compressor to work hard. The extra pressure on your compressor can cause a breakdown.

Inadequate Oil Lubricant

The oil lubricant is an essential component of the AC compressor system. Because a compressor is the heart of your AC system that pumps the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning unit, it will lead to compressor failure if there is not enough lubricant. Call Air Repair Pros, a professional HVAC company, to check for lubricant levels and condition the compressor to prevent the problem.

If your AC does not perform well and not cooling the indoor space, the compressor could be a problem. Air Repair Pros offers quality, reliable, and affordable Cross Roads TX HVAC Repairs for compressor problems. Contact us today!

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