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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

As the seasons change it is a good idea to start thinking about pre-season service to your air conditioning and heating system. Just as we prepare our automobiles in the fall prior to winter’s freezing temperatures, air conditioning and heating systems need to be prepared for the hot summer conditions. If you don’t change the oil in your car it will lead to far more expensive repairs.

Even a film of residue on the coil and fins of the condenser will raise the high side pressure and decrease heat transfer to the point of increasing running time and decreasing compressor efficiency.

Reciprocating air compressors operating with even a slightly increased high side pressure lose effective stroke rapidly, thus increasing power consumption. Excessive high side pressure is trapped in the clearance pocket of a reciprocating air compressor at the end of the compression stroke. This trapped pressure must re-expand on the down stroke before the suction valve can open to draw in new refrigerant from the low side. The higher the high side pressure, the farther the piston must fall on the suction stroke before the suction valve opens. This can amount to a substantial loss in pumping capacity.

In addition to the loss in capacity, the compressor is consuming more power as it works against the higher high side pressure. Just cleaning a dirty condenser can increase capacity by 20 percent or more while decreasing operating cost by 15 percent or more, depending upon how much the high side pressure is lowered.

Reduced Likelihood of a System Failure

Properly servicing an air conditioning system will reduce the possibility of a problem during the summer. Just cleaning the air condenser and lowering the high side pressure will decrease the stress on the system. Additional items rectified during the pre-season check may eliminate other potential problems.

For example, vibrating copper lines, lines in contact with each other or in contact with the cabinet could become leaks. Loose electrical connections could become the cause of other problems.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

With the new awareness for the necessity of improved indoor air quality in our homes and workplaces, we need to stress the importance of keeping cooling systems clean. All technicians have serviced residential systems that were incredibly dirty. So dirty, in fact, that they were disgusting to work on. The air we breathe has been transported through this filth!

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