How Ceiling Fans Can Save You Money on Heating and Cooling!

Ceiling fan benefits

Ceiling fans significantly regulate the temperature you feel in your home without changing the actual temperature.

The direction in which the fan rotates makes a big difference in how it affects the temperature of a room. If you need clarification, read on, and we’ll explain!

What to do in cold weather

During the winter months, running your ceiling fan clockwise is essential. This helps circulate warm air that rises to the ceiling and pushes it back into the room. Running your ceiling fan in this direction can help you feel up to 4°F warmer, making a big difference when it’s cold outside.

What to do in hot weather

In the summer, when it’s hot outside, you want to run your ceiling fan counterclockwise. This creates a cooling effect by pushing the air downwards and creating a breeze. This helps you feel cooler, which allows you to raise the thermostat setting and save energy on your air conditioning. Running your ceiling fan with the air blowing downwards creates a wind chill effect that helps you feel up to 8°F cooler.

Keep in mind …

While ceiling fans can help regulate temperature and reduce energy usage, it’s important to remember that they don’t change the temperature. The most effective way to control the temperature in your home is, of course, your heating and cooling system!

Air Repair Pros offers professional maintenance services to ensure your heating and cooling system works correctly. With spring just around the corner, it’s important to get your air conditioning system checked and serviced before the hot weather arrives.

This helps ensure your system runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively, saving you money on your energy bill and providing you with a comfortable living environment.

The takeaway

So, ceiling fans can play an essential role in regulating the temperature in your home and reducing energy usage. Running the fan in different directions depending on the season can help you feel more comfortable.

But remember, proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system is vital and the best way to save money! Contact Air Repair Pros today to schedule a maintenance check and ensure your air conditioning system is ready for the hot summer months. Please book an appointment online or call us at 469-333-2474!