How to Fix Your AC - Cooling Problems

How To Fix Your AC – Cooling Problems

How to fix your AC? HVAC repair in McKinney, TX, is essential service homeowners need to diagnose and fix AC problems. An air conditioning system that blows warm air instead of cool air can signal that it has undergone issues or damages. 

A malfunctioned AC system that does not cool your home can get on your nerves during the hot summer months. Let us tell you how to fix your AC when it does not cool your home. Read on! 

Dirty Air Filter 

A dirty air filter is the most common reason your air conditioning system fails to cool the indoor space. For example, when your AC system’s air filters are unclean or clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, they can cause various problems, including cooling issues. 

Not only does a dirty air filter interfere with your AC’s thermostat, but it also blocks the passage of warm and cool air inside the duct system. At the same time, it can freeze the evaporator coil, leading to the blocked passage of cool air from the unit. 

Experts recommend regularly checking your AC air filters and cleaning or replacing them every month to ensure your system produces cool air. That way, you can maintain optimal temperature levels in your home. 

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

How to fix your AC if it has incorrect thermostat settings? It is a common question asked by many homeowners in McKinney, TX. Bear in mind that you need quality HVAC repair in McKinney to fix the problems. 

Doing it yourself is not an optimal way to recalibrate your thermostat. When you experience such a problem, turn the thermostat to auto mode. If the problem persists, call our AC repair company for an accurate diagnosis and solution. 

Clogged Evaporator and Condenser 

The evaporator absorbs heat from the air in the indoor space and transfers it to the outdoor unit. The condenser condenses the warm air and converts it into cool air. A clogged condenser won’t allow proper cooling of the AC system due to dirt and dust accumulated in it. 

If you wonder how to fix your AC, give it enough room to breathe. For example, you can remove dirt and weed surrounding your AC system’s outdoor unit. If you want to avoid expensive repairs, make sure you hire Air Repair Pros for bi-annual maintenance. That way, you can save money. 

Faulty Motors

If the fan’s motor does not work optimally, it might have undergone damages. When your AC’s fan motor is faulty, it won’t dissipate heat and interfere with the system’s cooling ability. Even if you have knowledge of AC fan motors, you can’t fix it yourself due to a lack of quality tools. On the other hand, you can hire Air Repair Pros that offer HVAC repair in McKinney.  

Low Refrigerant Level

A refrigerant is an essential fluid that absorbs heat from the air in the indoor space. Low refrigerant levels mean less absorption of heat from the surrounding air. As a result, your AC system will not function properly and does not cool your home. 

If your air conditioning system does not cool your home, it is due to refrigerant leaks. We recommend performing regular or bi-annual AC maintenance to prevent this problem. Likewise, you can hire Air Repair Pros for accurate diagnosis and repair. 

For instance, low refrigerant levels or leaking refrigerant will cause hissing or bubbling sounds due to accumulated ice on the outside unit. Our professional will identify the problem and use his expertise to fix it immediately. 

Damaged Compressor

The compressor is a crucial component of your AC system because it manages the refrigerant’s flow between the condenser and the evaporator. A malfunctioned compressor means ineffective handling of refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser, leading to warm air distribution inside your home. 

It is essential to hire Air Repair Pros to replace the damaged compressor with a new one. If the problem is minor, our technician will repair it instead of replacing the component. Air Repair Pros has professional technicians with many years of experience. We have served hundreds of residential property owners with 99.5% satisfaction rates. 

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People hire professional HVAC companies to install AC systems in their homes for improved comfort and cooling throughout the summer season. However, when you fail to maintain your AC system, you will experience frequent and expensive repairs. 

Remember, this can break the bank. That’s why it is crucial to hire Air Repair Pros for AC system diagnosis, repair, or maintenance. How to fix your AC if it does not cool your home – follow the tips and tricks above.

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