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AC Installation in Frisco, TX

Air Conditioners in Frisco TX

Homeowners want the best air conditioners in Frisco TX, which can make their homes comfortable during the hot summer months, especially when the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. Before telling you about Air Repair Pros installation, repair, and maintenance service, our experts recommend high-quality air conditioners in Frisco TX, such as Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioner.

The Infinity 21 works as an essential component of your home HVAC system. It is energy-efficient, reliable, and performs well in the hot summer, where most AC models fail. The Infinity 21 has a central air system, which ensures superior comfort for your family all year long. So, if you have to choose an air conditioner system for your home, the Infinity 21 is your best choice.

AC Installation Services

A professional air conditioning installation begins with proper system design, which consists of running load calculations in your home to identify the appropriate capacity requirements for the AC.

Poorly designed systems do not properly cool every room of your house. Some rooms of the house may remain hot, even if the system is operating. So, avoid hiring contractors that do not run full ACCA Manual Load calculations.

Choosing the right AC system, such as the Infinity 21 to match the house load, is important. However, the installation of AC also holds a lot of importance. Our installation technicians have certifications and are fully equipped with advanced tools as well as have experience and skills to install the AC system adequately.

Air Repair Pros will install your AC system and take care of the evaporator or air handler, compressors, or condensing unit. We will also take care of the supply lines for new refrigerant, condensate drain lines, thermostat, and pump efficiently during the process of installation. Our technician will:

  • Set up the condenser
  • Run wires and tubing
  • Install the evaporator coil
  • Install the refrigerant lines
  • Connect high voltage
  • Connect low voltage
  • Install drain tubing

AC Repair Services

Even you have installed one of the best air conditioners in Frisco TX, over time, it will have problems, which occurs mainly due to poor maintenance. So, you may need an AC repair service if the system is not working properly and cooling your home.

You can stay cool and comfortable when your AC system is running full speed. In Frisco, TX, air condition systems are big business, and it not because it is too hot, but also many homeowners do not maintain the units. In Frisco, TX, AC repairs are an everyday occurrence.

You may need AC Repair Services when the AC is not cooling your home in the hot summer. Our technicians hand-vetted, background-checked, drug-screened, as well as trained and certified to carry any repair job. We can perform the following adequately.

  • Replenish refrigerant
  • Replace capacitors
  • Clean the coils
  • Replace or fix the compressor
  • Fix the condenser fan
  • Empty the condensation drain
  • Repair the defrost control
  • Repair or replace the thermostat
  • Replace Air Filters
  • Replace Fuses
  • Fix mechanical and electrical problems

    AC Maintenance Services

    Air Conditioners in Frisco TX require regular maintenance, which includes inspection of the motor, blower, coils, drain line, operating temperatures/pressures, supply lines, connections, and refrigerant levels.

    Maintain Thermostat: Our technicians will ensure the thermostat of the central AC system is working properly. They can adequately calibrate the thermostat and ensure its proper installation at a place away from all heat sources, such as heating producing appliances and light bulbs.

    Check Electrical Connections: Our technicians will check all electrical connections to ensure they are operating properly and safely. They will check and tighten the connection to avoid potential hazards and improve the lifespan of your AC system.

    Lubricate Moving Parts: We will ensure there are no damages to the moving parts of the AC system. Lack of lubrication can cause the system components to break down fast that most often require repairs or replacements.

    Clean Condensate Drain Line: Clearing the condensate line of the AC system will ensure that it can drain liquid condensate properly. If something has clogged the drain line, this can lead to water leakage. Our technicians will clean the condensate drain also to get rid of bacteria and mold around the drain line.

    Change Air Filter: Our technicians will make sure to clean the air filter or replace it for adequate performance. Although you can do this yourself, a technician will point out a better filter and replace it.

      Contact Air Repair Pros

      It is important to look for high-quality air conditioners like the Carrier Infinity 21 model to avoid more frequent repairs. Air Repair Pros offer installation, repair, and maintenance services at the most affordable costs. Don’t forget to get your free Comfort Club Membership for your air conditioners in Frisco TX. Contact us today!

        Save Money with a New AC”

        A new air conditioning system can sound expensive and daunting, but it may become necessary if your current unit is over 10-15 years old. Many homeowners put off replacing AC units they know are old because of the perceived expense. However, due to low-energy efficiency and the inevitable need for repairs, holding on to an older AC unit can end up being more costly than simply replacing it. Our highly trained AC specialists can help guide you in making the decision that is right for you.

        A New Frisco AC installation can provide you with peace of mind and also:

        • Decreased energy bills
        • Better indoor air quality
        • Better eco-friendly system

        Old-Fashioned Values Means Superior Customer Service

        New AC installation in Frisco has never been easier when you call the experts at Air Repair Pros. We are backed by over 20 years of experience. We are committed to old-fashioned values of integrity and provide our customers with the best in customer service.

        We are the team to call for heating and air conditioning service in Frisco. Schedule your estimate for AC installation today!

        Common AC Problems

        When you seek AC repair in Frisco TX, then you may come across to find the best AC repair companies in Frisco TX if you are looking for AC repair and maintenance service providers and didn’t find any company then no look further because Air Repairs Pros are here to solve your air conditioning equipment problems. Air conditioning systems often have various failures, which are sometimes easy to resolve, but in other cases can cause loss of equipment. In this article, we will discuss the main problems that arise in residential air conditioning systems, as well as their most common solutions.

        Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

        After using our air conditioning in summer, we have to take into account that probably next year we will turn it on again, and when we do, it may have some problem. In order to avoid any surprise when turning it on, it is necessary to keep it in perfect condition by proper maintenance and repair with the help of any repair & service provider companies.

        Below are some common problems that your air conditioning unit may have, and we’ll tell you how to solve them.

        Does your air conditioner unit smell bad when you turn it on?

        If you use the air conditioner once a year, in summer, and it stays off for the rest of the year, this may lead to a problem. The accumulated water may remain in the battery, and this can generate mold, which causes a bad odor. It may also be because our split air conditioner unit does not have a siphon installed, and this will cause the water not to drain properly.

        But how can you solve this problem?

        You can solve this problem by cleaning the aluminum battery of the outdoor unit, before and after prolonged use of the air conditioner. Cleaning will have to be done by a professional technician, and if you are in Frisco TX and looking for AC repair services in Frisco TX, then you can contact Air Repair Pros Inc. at (972) 625-1400.

        Doesn’t your air conditioning cool well?

        If your air conditioner unit does not cool your room properly, then it could be due to the fault in the appliance. These are the possible causes that will make your air conditioner system not cool:

        • It could be due to a leak in the refrigeration circuit, an error in the installation, or a problem in the pipes.
        • It could also be because the fan motor of the external unit of your air conditioning does not work properly, or there is another type of motor failure problem.
        • In addition to these problems, it may be due to not having cleaned the filter of your air conditioning correctly.

        But how can you solve this problem?

        If you are in Texas and your air conditioning is dealing with these problems, then you should find an AC repair company in Frisco TX and call a technician who can find the exact problem and thus find the correct solution for these problems.

        Does it make too much noise when it is working?

        Electronic devices make a little noise, but if your air conditioning unit makes noise more than normal, then the air conditioner may have a problem. There are various reasons that your air conditioning makes noise, such as:

        • This problem can be caused by temperature changes between the cold air that comes out and the hot air.
        • Inside our split, there are some small blades, and they can break, which leads to this annoying noise. It is often normal that you have caught something on the blades, and when you turn on your air conditioner, it makes noise.
        • Another reason that can cause noise is that the gas passage is obstructed and is not flowing properly.

        But how can you solve this problem?

        As we have said, these problems are very common. First of all, you have to check that the blades are not broken, or there is nothing hooked on them. If so, remove it carefully, or if the problem is that the blades are broken, contact a professional AC repair service provider to fix them.

        On the other hand, if the compressor is responsible for this noise, then the solution is to buy an insulating blanket to reduce annoying noise and vibrations.

        Does water come out of your air conditioner?

        You do not have to worry if some water droplets come out of your air conditioning since it is totally normal and is the result of the evaporation process that takes place inside the air conditioner. It means it is working properly.

        If, on the contrary, if more water droplets come out of your air conditioning unit, then you may have a more severe problem.

        But how can you solve this problem?

        First of all, you have to check that the container that you have at the water outlet is not full since this will cause the water to come out through our air conditioning system, through the indoor unit that is inside the house. But if it is not for this reason, then it could be due to a refrigerant problem, and you should also check that there is no frost in the battery. To solve this problem, it is recommended that you call a technician and solve your problem.

        These are some common problems that occurred in our air conditioning system, but if you do not solve them correctly, it may damage your air conditioner. Therefore, it is necessary to check it to any technicians once a year before you start using it in summer, so you can avoid these problems and enjoy your air conditioning for many years.

        Getting Help from the Air Repair Pros

        If you are somewhere in Frisco TX and your air conditioning unit is dealing with various problems, and you didn’t know which are the best AC repair companies in Frisco, TX then remains cool because Air Repair Pros Inc. is the best well-known AC repair company in Frisco TX. We are a team of professional technicians and offer different services such as:

        • AC repair in Frisco TX
        • HVAC repair in Frisco TX
        • Furnace repair in Frisco TX

        For over 20 years, Air Repair Pros are providing excellent air conditioning repair & maintenance services in Frisco, TX. If you need AC repair services in Frisco TX, then instinctively call one of our technicians. Call us at (972) 625-1400 or email us at today!

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