What Are The Most Common Furnace Problems?

What Are The Most Common Furnace Problems?

When your furnace starts acting up, you should search for home heating repair in Allen, TX, to inspect and fix the problem. 

Usually, the furnace is the heart of your home’s air conditioning and heating system and should always be efficient. The furnace is located either in the basement or in an outdoor unit and usually has a long vent that runs outside to release heat and exhaust fumes.

Common Problems With Furnaces

The most common furnace problems include making loud noises, a sudden drop in heat, the furnace that isn’t turning on, a burning smell, or an increase in your energy bills. 

  • Your furnace makes loud noises when it’s on

Your furnace should not be producing abnormal noise. If the furnace is making weird noises, you should inspect it to identify the cause of the problem. 

Most common noises include loud banging or rattling noises coming from the blower motor area. The noise occurs when there is unbalanced airflow and pressure problems in your system.

  • Burning smell 

A burning smell is a sign that something in the furnace is on fire. 

If you notice a burning smell, turn off the power and call a professional furnace service company immediately.

  • The furnace won’t turn on

This is the most common problem you’ll encounter with your furnace, and it can be difficult to troubleshoot if you aren’t sure what’s wrong. 

The problem could often signify a more significant issue like an electrical short or faulty thermostat – both of which are serious problems that should be dealt with by professional HVAC technicians as soon as possible.

  • The blower runs, but no heat comes out

A drop in heat means that the furnace is not functioning correctly, and the system needs to be serviced. 

If you notice your furnace is not effectively heating your house, you should contact a technician to check the cause of the problem. 

  • High energy bills

An increase in house bills could be a result of inefficient furnaces. If you notice your energy bills are higher than your average usage, it could be due to a faulty furnace.

You should contact a qualified HVAC system company to come and inspect the system for the cause. The technician should fix the problem promptly to ensure efficiency and prevent further damage. 

If you notice any of the mentioned problems, it’s time to call a 24-hour heating repair near me.

How to Prevent the Common Heating Problems

The ways to prevent common heating problems depend on the nature of the problem. Importantly, you can perform some of the maintenance work on your own while you need to hire qualified HVAC system maintenance for others.  

Some of the HVAC system problems are straightforward to prevent and fix. Therefore, before you think of contacting a heating repair company, you should first check whether you can quickly identify the cause of the problem. 

Primarily, the maintenance work entails cleaning and ensuring the HVAC system is properly adjusted to work in different climatic conditions.

For instance, if the furnace is not heating the rooms properly, it could be the wrong settings. You can quickly fix the problem by adjusting your furnace for seasonal changes during the summer/winter months accordingly. 

Therefore, you should ensure the HVAC system works optimally by adjusting your central heating system accordingly. 

Ultimately, to prevent the most common HVAC system problems from occurring, you should ensure a qualified HVAC system repair company performs the general regular maintenance.

Failure to perform a regular maintenance schedule for your furnace can result in significant problems that require costly repairs. 

Make sure the entire vent length is connected correctly and securely. Ensure proper connections, especially around any bends or joints that connect sections of vent piping. If any loose stiffeners connect the vent piping, tighten them with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Clean the HVAC ducts. HVAC ducts need regular cleaning to prevent clogging. Regular cleaning frees up the blocked passages in your ducts. 

Hire a Qualified HVAC Maintenance Services Company 

Won’t the furnace start? It could be a dirty filter that causes the airflow to slow, and this can cause build-up, eventually leading to an obstruction in the system or preventing proper venting from happening. Notably, the HVAC system failure can be caused by other factors.

Since it’s challenging to inspect, identify the cause of the problem and fix it on your own, you should hire a qualified services company to handle the process professionally. 

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