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what happens during an HVAC inspection

What Happens During Routine HVAC Maintenance? 3 Things You Can Expect Your Technicians To Do

Your heating and cooling system may be durable and reliable but it isn’t invincible. And just like any other frequently used heavy machinery, it’ll need servicing now and then.

You may have heard that HVAC systems require maintenance at least once every year, but you probably wonder what happens during the process and why it’s essential in the first place.

Regular maintenance is vital because it helps professionals catch and fix minor problems before they become larger ones. And it enables them to ensure that your system works as efficiently as possible.

So, here are a few things you can expect to happen during a routine HVAC checkup.

Outdoor unit inspection

When a professional rolls around, one of the first things you can expect is for them to check the state of your outdoor unit. This process includes doing things such as:

  • Make sure there are no cobwebs, leaves, or rodents present in the unit
  • Ensuring that there’s no dust build-up causing clogs
  • Making sure that the wiring is safe, and
  • Checking the capacitor for leaks and rust

A refrigerant gauge may also be used during the inspection. And this tells the HVAC technician if:

  • Your refrigerant is low or leaking out
  • How much refrigerant you have left and when you’ll be due to buy more, and
  • It also shows whether or not your condenser coils are clogged

Change your air filter

Your HVAC technician will inspect your air filter for dust. And if it hasn’t been recently changed, they will replace the air filter. Professionals recommend changing your air filters every three months to avoid dust. And it also helps to make sure that your system doesn’t filter dusty air all around your home.

A/C and furnace inspection

Air Repair Pros technicians will always inspect your heating and cooling system, regardless of the time of year! And they will often check for strange smells (chemicals, rotten eggs, and burning) and sounds (screeching, banging, and rattling) that may indicate issues with the system.

If they detect any of these, they’ll address the issue and take preventative measures to ensure they don’t reoccur anytime soon.

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