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What’s That Weird Furnace Noise?

It’s easy to ignore the typical humming of your trusty furnace working hard. But strange new clanks, clicks, and whistles can make you panic!

Metallic Popping

Have you jumped out of your skin when the furnace abruptly yells out with a sharp BANG or rapid-fire small pops? Relax – this common phenomenon merely indicates your ductwork expanding or contracting. Temperature fluctuations cause the metal to physically shift, making it chime, pop, or ping. Totally normal, even if annoying, and no need to call us!

Whistling or Whining

While whistles and whines seem worrying, they usually just signify airflow velocity changes through ducts as the furnace kicks into higher gear then settles back down. A firmly seated air filter prevents excess buildup of debris that could otherwise muffle sound. So basically, the fact that you’re hearing those noises probably means you have a nice fresh filter!

Buzzing, Humming, or Roaring

You’re accustomed to the typical gentle furnace hum. But mechanical volumes steadily increasing to VERY LOUD could indicate impending failure. It sounds like your fan is working harder, and there can be multiple causes, but none of them are good. Left unaddressed, a breakdown could follow.

Squeaking, Screeching or Scraping

The likely culprit is a fan blade scraping its housing due to broken mounts. Or it could be the motor shaft rattling around in worn-out bearings. Have a technician diagnose and fix this one promptly!

Knocking or Clanging

Loud banging that sounds like your furnace is having a heart attack can be harmless or more sinister. Ductwork echoing through walls as it heats and shrinks is fine, like we said above. But it might also be heat exchanger failure, or again, it could be worn out bearings that means a part is loose. Shut off the unit and call a pro immediately!

While they can be scary, unfamiliar furnace noises often do not mean failure … at least not at first! Pay attention, though, to catch small problems before they snowball into expensive repairs.

And if your furnace just won’t stay quiet, book an appointment online or give us a call at 469-333-2474.

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