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Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

“Why is my AC leaking water?” This is the most common question asked by homeowners. During the summer months, an air conditioner becomes an important necessity. As long as the AC functions smoothly, homeowners never search for “heating and air repair near me” online. However, not maintaining or servicing your AC can lead to malfunctions in the system parts. AC leaking water is one of the most common problems in the AC system. In this article, we will tell you some common AC leaking water issues and tell you how a professional AC repair company like Air Repair Pros can fix them. Read on!

Common AC Problems Leading To Leaking Water

Water dripping out through the AC system means that it is not working properly. Simply put, it means your AC is leaking water. Various reasons cause the issues of leaking water from your AC system. Some of them are:

1. Poor Installation

If your AC system has been installed recently and is leaking water, the most common problem is with the installation. For instance, the AC system and the drainage pipes are not adequately proportional. As a result, the AC system can disrupt the flow of water out of the drainage pan to the outlet directly. This is the reason people ask “why is my AC leaking water?” Well, the water flows either backward or lay at the same level. It does not stream ahead. So, during the process of installation, the AC installer or technician must ensure that the pipe is at the lower height as compared to the main AC system. This allows the water to flow adequately in the downward direction towards the drainage outlet. You need to reinstall your AC. For this, you can contact the Air Repair Pros service.

2. Clogged Drain Pipe

Debris and dirt are the two main causes of a clogged drainpipe. When the drainpipe is clogged, it will block the condensate flowing out through the AC drainage system. Water not flowing outwards will overflow to the AC system. Eventually, this causes your AC leaking water. To fix this problem, you can hire the Air Repair Pros professional technician to clean your AC regularly.

3. Dirty Air Filter

The air flowing inside the AC system can lead to dirty air filters. As a result, it blocks the flow of air over the coils of the evaporator. Due to this, the temperature of the coils drops to the freezing level. Typically, the evaporator coils should form moisture. However, when the air filter is dirty, there is the formation of ice over the coils. This drips excess water in the drainage pan. Besides, the pan is then unable to hold the excess amount of water. It results in leaking water through the main AC system. Call the expert technician from Air Repair Pros to troubleshoot your AC system and implement sophisticated methods to remove the build-up of debris and dust.

4. Low Refrigerant or Gas

If you ask us “why is my AC leaking water,” we will tell you that one of the reasons behind this issue is low refrigerant or gas. When the AC gas or refrigerant leaks, it significantly lowers the pressure inside the system. As a result, this freezes the evaporator coils and cause water overflow in the drainage pan. This is not a big issue. However, you can’t fix it yourself. Fixing low refrigerant is not a DIY job. You must hire a professional technician to fix the problem.

5. Damaged Drain Pan

If your AC system is old or outdated, the drain pan collecting the condensate might have become rusted or damaged. In this situation, it won’t be able to collect water. Consequently, the water will leak through the AC unit. A damaged drain pan is a problem of concern. Make sure you call Air Repair Pros. We will send a qualified and skilled technician who has all the necessary tools to repair the damaged drain pan.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to heating and air repair near me, Air Repair Pros is the best company that has licensed technicians, years of experience, and all the required tools to fix any AC problem. Now that you understand the different causes or reasons behind your AC leaking water, you may wonder how to fix these issues. Well, it depends on the intensity of the damage. If the damages are severe, you can solve the problem yourself. “Why is my AC leaking water?” Again, a professional repairing company like Air Repair Pros has the answer and solution to this problem.

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