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Wildfire Smoke, Your Health, and Our Solutions

Are you concerned about the impact of these historic Texas wildfires on your health and well-being? You’re not alone.

As the fires continue to rage across North Texas, many people are wondering how they can protect themselves, and their families, from the harmful effects of smoke and particles.

What’s in wildfire smoke?

Wildfire smoke is a complex mixture of gases and particles produced when wood and other organic materials burn.[1] These fires release a wide range of toxic substances into the atmosphere.

One of the most harmful components is particulate matter, which is made up of tiny solid or liquid particles suspended in the air. These particles can be so small that they can penetrate deep into the lungs and even enter the bloodstream. Wildfires also release toxic gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals that can accumulate in the body over time.

A worsening issue

Did you know that the Dallas area already has the 18th worst air quality of any city in the U.S.[2]? And now, with the massive amounts of smoke from the wildfires, the situation has become even more dire. Exposure to the pollutants released by these fires can cause a range of health problems, from minor irritations to serious conditions like asthma attacks and heart attacks.

Asthma attacks happen when airways become inflamed and constricted, making breathing difficult. Smoke and particulate matter can irritate the lungs and airways, causing swelling and excess mucus production, which can trigger an asthma attack in susceptible individuals. The tiny particles in smoke, known as particulate matter, can be inhaled deep into the lungs, causing inflammation and damage to the delicate lung tissue. Wildfire smoke can also lead to heart attacks, as inhaling smoke and particulate matter can cause systemic inflammation throughout the body, damaging blood vessels and increasing risk of blood clots.[3]

A tough solution for a tough problem

So what can you do to safeguard your indoor air quality during these challenging times? The answer lies in investing in a high-quality indoor air quality system for your home.

These air purification systems are so effective because they use advanced technologies to actively clean the air in your home, rather than just filtering it. Air purification systems such as the HALO-LED, Trane CleanEffects, and AirScrubber by Aerus, use cutting-edge technologies to proactively clean your indoor air. For example, the HALO-LED system uses something called REME-LED technology, which creates low levels of airborne hydrogen peroxide, a safe and powerful cleaning agent.[4]

Remember how we talked about particulate matter being one of the most dangerous components of wildfire smoke? Well, that’s where these air purification systems really shine. They’re designed to capture and remove those tiny particles, and can remove up to 99.99% of airborne contaminants.

Don’t let the wildfires put your health or your family’s health at risk. Learn more about the best indoor air quality systems on the market and what makes them the best!

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