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2024 New Year’s Heating Resolutions!

It’s almost 2024 and time for the usual well-intentioned resolutions! But do you want to try something new for your home this year?

Sure, you could set goals for exercising more…or learning TikTok dances…but what about showing your HOME some love?

Specifically your hardworking furnace – why not come up with some New Year’s resolutions featuring it? Here are some heating-focused resolutions, so YOU stay toasty next year. Feel free to edit them how you see fit, or even come up with your own:

Resolution #1: This year, I resolve to change my furnace air filters regularly – every 30-60 days without fail! Clogged, dirty filters make my system work a lot harder to push air through and circulate heat. Staying on top of fresh filter installs will ensure better indoor air quality for my family, put less strain on my heating and cooling system, and hopefully lower my energy bills too!

Resolution #2: In 2024, I will improve my family’s health by installing a whole-home air purifier! They capture dust, pollen, pet dander and other microscopic particles moving through our home’s ductwork. They even get rid of the smallest bacteria and virus particles.

Resolution #3: I will pay more attention to my thermostat usage and settings in 2024! According to energy experts, simply lowering my thermostat 3-5 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours daily can save me 10% off heating bills. By tweaking the temperatures just a tad cooler while I’m out at work or sleeping at night, I’ll still stay cozy and comfortable in my home while making my energy bills more affordable. Smart WiFi-enabled models will let me control temps remotely, too!

Resolution #4: This year, I vow to take better care of my home’s heating by scheduling a professional furnace tune-up. Annual maintenance checks help improve efficiency and lifespan of my system, by identifying any potential problems early. Investing in preventive care and regular safety inspections gives me peace of mind that my heating system will keep my family warm and comfortable all winter long!

There we have it – some home heating resolutions for the new year! Cheers to fresh filters, quality indoor air, and heating system tune-ups in 2024!

Here’s to staying warm AND keeping more money in your pocket. Book an appointment online or give us a call at 469-333-2474!

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