What to Do When Your AC Has Stopped Working

What to Do When Your AC Has Stopped Working

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Your AC has stopped working, and you want to know “what’s the best air conditioning repair near me” because it seems impossible to survive without an AC in the hot summer.

Problems with AC typically happen in a heatwave. This is the time when you need your AC the most. At the same time, the frustration increases when you find out that central AC repair companies are very busy.

If you have knowledge and skills to repair your AC, then you can do it as a DIY job. Otherwise, you have to call a professional technician to repair your central AC that has stopped working.

Check the Main Electrical Panel

You have called a professional Frisco Air Conditioning Repair technician. He has arrived at your home, and sometimes, the first thing he will do is checking the main electrical panel and other secondary circuit panels to find out if there are any tripped breakers or blown fuses.

So, if he finds the problem there, the technician will reset the breaker by simply turning the breaker off and replace the fuse. You need to know that a central AC usually connects to a 240V circuit.

In case the breaker continues tripping, there must be something short in the system – i.e. the capacitor, compressor, or the motor fan. The HVAC technician who has electrical knowledge will trace down the problem and solve it.

Is the thermostat set to cool?

The second thing the AC technician will do is to make sure the thermostat of the AC is set to cool. The temperature setting must be 3 degrees below the temperature of the room ambient.

Is the Power “On?”

The technician will find out whether or not the power is on. He will check the switch in the air handler or furnace as well as the outdoor compressor. The technician will ask you if someone at home had shut off the 240V compressor.

Remove the body of the thermostat

Frisco air conditioning repair technician will remove the body of the thermostat after turning off the power to the AC.

In the next step, you will see that the technician separates the body of the thermostat from the base, which is typically done by pulling it straight out. If it has batteries, the technician will replace them with new ones.

Next, the technician checks whether or not all wires are attached securely to their terminals. He will check if the cover won’t pinch the wires. If there is something like that, it is important to put the wires back in place.

Air Repair Pros AC technician will then replace the cover of the thermostat and then wait for 3-4 minutes. Next, he will try the AC system again.

Open the thermostat

If the AC is still not working, the repairman will open the thermostat and start unscrewing the wire from the “Y” terminal of the thermostat.

Once done, turn “on” the power again – while holding this wire by the insulation only. Next, touch the R terminal’s bare end and hold it for 2 minutes.

When you do this, the compressor will kick on. This means there is a fault in the thermostat. If it does not go on while holding the “Y” to the R, turn the power off. The technician will analyze the wires and fix them in no time.

Check the capacitor and contactor

Another important thing the technician will check is the capacitor and contactor of the compressor. Most probably, the issue is due to the problem in the capacitor.

Some technicians also called the capacitor a “run capacitor,” which is located in the large-sized compressor unit sitting outside.

The capacitor is responsible for starting both the fan and the condenser. The central AC unit will not run if the capacitor is not working.

The Frisco Air Conditioning Repair technician is a professional who can easily test whether or not the capacitor works. If it does not work, the technician will replace it. It is not expensive.

The technician will shut off the power to compressor before opening the cover on the unit. This means shutting off the circuit breaker, which services the air handler and the furnace. Pull out the disconnect block near the compressor.


Wrapping up, many reasons lead to a problem in your central AC unit. Most people try to find the problem themselves.

Well, we don’t recommend this. Just go online and Google “best AC repair near me” and that’s it. The repairman or technician from Air Repair Pros will be at your home in no time, find the issue, and fix it.

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