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How to Sort Through Air Conditioning Companies Near You

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Looking for air conditioning companies near me that can maintain and repair your AC system problems? Look no further! Air Repair Pros is a licensed, insured, and bonded AC repair company that provides honest pricing. The company is upfront with all its customers and work to ensure all of its clients feel comfortable.

This AC Installation and Repair Company has a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Air Repair Pros is committed to having the quality tools and equipment to efficiently carry out the installation, repair, and maintenance jobs. The technicians of this company dedicate themselves to continued learning and training.

Most often, AC repairs are costly. Therefore, it is important to choose the best maintenance and repair AC contractor from the list of Air Conditioning Companies near me. This way, you can enjoy high-quality AC performance.

A professional technician has all the essential knowledge to diagnose problems in the AC system and repair them. Air Repair Pros can diagnose and fix the following common AC problems.

AC Not Turning On

If your AC is not turning on, you need to call a technician. He or she will check the batteries of the thermostat and replace them if needed. The technician will check the batteries and if they are working well, he will check the settings of the thermostat to set the temperature.

Sometimes, the thermostat is “On” but the AC still does not turn on. In such a situation, the technician will check the circuit breaker.

Usually, the AC does not turn on when the circuit breaker is tripped. So, the technician will reset the circuit breaker. If there are any other issues, he will open the breaker and make the necessary repair.

Frozen Outside Unit

The AC system freezes up due to low outside temperature, problems in blower motor, insufficient airflow, and low coolant levels. Most homeowners open the unit and try to diagnose the problems themselves. This leads to further complications and eventually costs you a lot of money for repairs.

Sometimes, you have to replace the entire system, which will surely break the bank. So, it is important to look for Air Conditioning Companies near me and choose the one that has experienced and skilled technicians who would work professionally to diagnose the problem related to refrigerant leaks and use their skills to fix them.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

This problem usually occurs when the AC system does not have enough air to perform its operations. It can lead to a frozen evaporator, which will make the air conditioning system freeze up and not perform adequately. The most common reasons behind insufficient airflow are a faulty fan, dirty filters, clogged ducts, and vents.

Air Repair Pros is AC installation and repair service that will send a technician as soon as possible when you call us. The technician will look for the above problems and accurately diagnose the exact issue. He will use all the essential tools to repair the frozen evaporator.

Drainage Issues

Dirt, dust, and algae accumulation leads to clogged drain pipelines. Mildew, mold, and fungus can develop if the AC system is unable to drain the water properly. This will cause bad odor in the indoor space.

If the problem is severe, you can even experience gasses in your home that are harmful to your health. To avoid this issue, make sure you hire a professional repair service like Air Repair Pros who will send a technician to inspect, clean, and repair the drain line.

AC Sensor Issues

The thermostat sensor is the most important component of an AC system. It is near the evaporator coil. In general, the thermostat’s function is to measure the temperature of the air in the evaporating coil. It likewise adjusts the cooling of the room based on its condition.

If the AC is not cooling your room even at the lowest temperature settings, then there is a problem with the thermostat sensor. The technician you hire will check if the sensor is in the proper position and not randomly turning on/off and cycle constantly.

After diagnosing the issue, the technician will place the sensor near the evaporator coil. Most maintenance specialists place the sensor near the coil where they touch each other. Air Repair Pros is the best company that has skilled professionals. So, when it comes to placing the thermostat sensor in its proper position, you can rely on Air Repair Pros.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, there are many “air conditioning companies near me,” but Air Repair Pros is the best one for a reason, which is licensed professionals, many years of experience, and 24/7 AC installation and repair services. Contact us today!

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