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Air Conditioning Repair McKinney TX: 5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Are you in need of air conditioning repair McKinney TX contractors? Even if you do take good care of your air conditioning unit, you’ll still need to have it repaired at some point. And if you’ve been using your AC system for a few years, it may be showing some signs of wear and tear. But how do you know if your air conditioner already needs repairs? Here are the 5 telltale signs that it’s time to call an air conditioning contractor for repairs:

Sign #1: You smell something unusual

When things go wrong within your air conditioning system, you can usually trust your nose to tell you so. Different smells may indicate various problems. For example, a strong, pungent smell could signal a problem with your AC system’s wirings and insulation. This could also smell like gunpowder if your AC circuit is already burnt. On the other hand, musty smells (which could be a symptom of dirty sock syndrome) could signal a problem with molds, mildew, and bacteria buildup. If there is a rotten egg smell coming from your AC, then it could indicate a dead animal on your air ducts. Most unusual smells indicate severe problems with your system, and most of them pose health risks to you and your family. If you’re suspecting gas leaks though, you might want to consider calling for an emergency AC repair.

Sign #2: You hear something unusual

Trusting your senses is one of the best ways to know if you’re in need of air conditioning repair in McKinney TX. Hearing something strange coming from your air conditioning system could indicate several things: hurtful air contaminants, broken motors, misplaced belts, and many others. If you aren’t sure about what it is, let the professionals handle it and ask for a checkup of your AC system. While most AC problems can be solved by quick repairs and tune-ups, some issues may require you to replace your AC altogether. Working with a reputable HVAC contractor will ensure that you get the expert advice that you need, and not just give you the information that will provide them with the most profit.

Sign #3: You feel sticky inside the room

Removing humidity from the air is a job for your AC system. If it’s too big for the room or for the space, the AC’s compressor will have to automatically turn itself on and off. This means that the system will never run long enough for it to effectively aid in controlling the humidity of the room. Older AC units can also cause problems with humidity control. If your AC system is old enough to kick the bucket, you may consider having it replaced by a newer, more efficient model that could cost you less in the long run. Moisture on or near your AC unit usually indicates one of two things: that there is a leak on your system, or that your AC is inefficient. Most of the time, moisture present on your order will indicate both.

Sign #4: You feel hot inside the house

Is it just the warm summer air, or is your AC simply not doing its job? If you feel like the unit is not as efficient in cooling the room temperature like it used to, you might want to have it checked out. Warm air from your air conditioner could mean a few things:
  1. Incorrect thermostat settings – Yes, it happens. So, make sure you tick this out of your checklist first. Imagine calling for emergency 24 air conditioning services just to be told that the thermostat was set to “heat” instead of “cool”.
  2. Airflow problems – Restricted airflow and inefficient air filters can cause airflow problems. The outside AC system could be having a problem too. If some rooms are hot while others aren’t, it could just be a problem with the ductwork.
  3. Refrigerant leaks – Low Freon levels would mean that you’d be getting a higher electric bill for the month if it isn’t fixed ASAP. You’d also notice ice building up inside the main unit and on the outside unit.

Sign #5: You’ve had the AC for 10 years… or more

The average lifespan of a modern central AC unit is about 15 to 20 years. Even with proper care and maintenance, it’s going to start needing some repairs at around the 10-year mark. If you’ve had your unit for more than 10 years, it’s probably time for a central AC repair technician to take a look and do a tune-up. After more than a decade of serving your home, it’s normal for your AC unit to call it quits and not work out of the blue. You can still try to have a technician repair it, but replacing it with a newer, more efficient model may be a better choice. Whether you’re going for the repair or the replacement, you’d need to find an aircon specialist in McKinney that could help you out.

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