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Finding the Best Air Conditioning Installation Services in Frisco TX

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Are you looking for air conditioning installation services in Frisco TX? Choosing an HVAC contractor is a crucial decision. You can either end up getting a professionally installed complete air conditioning system or you get ripped off.

Contractors are different – some of them have good reputations and some of them are not as reputable. That means you should really do your research before you begin your project.

The following are some tips that might help you find the best HVAC contractor.

1. Don’t Believe the Quote They Give You Over the Phone

Different air conditioner installations have different setups and therefore aren’t the same. That is true even if you are working with the same brand and model.

So when you look for air conditioning installation near me, you might be given a quote but note that it will not be accurate. You need to see the actual HVAC installation in order to give a more accurate estimate.

2. It is Not All About Experience

When you interview air conditioning installation service providers some will tell you how many years they’ve been in the industry. Some will say they have been around for 10 years while others will even brag about being in the business for 25 years.

Be wary of such HVAC contractors. Remember that technology changes as years go by. The AC unit three years ago won’t be as efficient as the ones we have today.

When asking for air condition installation near me, you should pay attention to the training of the contractor’s staff and technicians. They must have technical training in the latest HVAC control units. Remember that experience isn’t everything in this industry.

3. The Bid Should Be in Written Form

Some contractors would prefer to go by a verbal contract. That is actually illegal in Texas. If they screw up your air conditioning installation you have no evidence or legal instrument to hold them liable for their mistakes.

4. Don’t Buy the Same Unit Replacement Offer

An air condition installation usually lasts for 10 years. Well, some of them last for 15 years especially if you’re using a central air conditioning installation.

However, if your AC has had a good run you shouldn’t get a new one of the same model and make. It won’t be as efficient as it should be. A really good HVAC contractor should be able to give you better options and the latest technology.

They should be able to offer you the latest power saving options. They should also be able to customize the AC system according to your current needs.

Air Repair Pros is a Texas-based company with their main office in Frisco. Note that they operate in multiple locations in the state. Their technicians and staff are professionally trained. They can work with any brand of air conditioning units such as Trane, Panasonic, Carrier, and others.

Call the Air Repair Pros today and receive the best air conditioning installation services in Frisco TX!

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