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Frisco TX Heating and Cooling Maintenance – What You Need to Know

Homeowners need Frisco TX cooling and heating maintenance to improve their HVAC performance, reduce energy consumption, and increase their lifespan. HVAC tune up is essential to keep the system run optimally while keeping all its components in good condition. In today’s article, we will talk about how Air Repair Pros’ professional technicians perform Frisco TX cooling and heating maintenance. Read on!

Change Air Filters

Air filters are a crucial component of your HVAC system and trap dust, dirt, germs, and pollutants. These maintain the indoor air quality and protect your family from getting respiratory conditions.

However, if you fail to clean them regularly, the indoor air quality will deteriorate, leading to health problems. Frisco TX cooling and heating maintenance involves cleaning or replacing air filters to maintain efficient indoor air quality.

Entire System Inspection

Our experienced technicians will perform an inspection of your entire system at least twice a year. The purpose is to ensure the system works well. Inspection is necessary because small problems can lead to bigger issues, costing you more money. Regular HVAC tune-up will keep the system in good shape and extend its life.

Debris Removal

Dust and debris do not only settle in the air filters but also accumulate in blowers, condensing units, moving parts, and other components of the HVAC system. Although a light layer of dirt and dust is unavoidable, too much debris can damage the system.

Air Repair Pros’ professional technicians will clean the built-up dust and debris and ensure no corrosive damage to the system’s internal components. All this is essential to reduce energy consumption and increase the system’s performance.

Check the Condensate Drain

Frisco TX cooling and heating maintenance also involve checking the condensate drain. It is a vital component of the AC and heat pump, meaning it should be free of dust, debris, and clogs.

Clogs obstruct the flow of condensed water and lead to moisture within the HVAC system. Bear in mind that access moisture can cause high-level humidity, water damage, mold, inappropriate temperature, bacteria accumulation, and compromised indoor air quality.

Our professional technician will flush the condensate drain and ensure excess moisture flows away from your HVAC system. We have all the necessary tools to get the job done accurately.

Check the Thermostat

HVAC tune-up requires our qualified technicians to check the thermostat and set it according to your cooling and heating needs. Most systems have programmable thermostats, allowing homeowners to control the temperature as per their requirements.

For instance, you can set the temperature to lower when you are outside to save money on your energy bills. At the same time, your system does not get overburdened and performs optimally.

Air Repair Pros’ professional technician checks the thermostat during bi-annual Frisco TX cooling and heating maintenance. The purpose is to ensure the room temperature and thermostat’s setting match. If there are any differences in the temperature, the technician will check the thermostat and fix any issues.

Inspect Wiring and Electrical Connections

Most homeowners in Frisco, TX, do not realize that electrical wiring and connections come loose over time. Remember, this can lead to compromised HVAC performance and even damages to internal components. You will end up paying more money on repairs. Some homeowners don’t have any choice but to replace the entire system.

Our maintenance technician will thoroughly inspect the wiring and connections to assess the system’s performance. The technician will look for frayed or damaged wires and replace them immediately to reduce the risk of component failure and fire.

Lubricate Moving Components

HVAC systems have moving parts in circulation units, compressors, and furnaces. It is essential to lubricate these components regularly to reduce friction and the risk of wear and tear.

Our technician will clean all traces of dirt and debris from these components and apply the lubricant in the required amount to control friction. We recommend repeating the process more often to protect the system from potential damages.

Examine Refrigerant Levels

Finally, your AC system should have sufficient refrigerant to cool the air. The compressor will work harder if there is not enough refrigerant. That way, the system won’t achieve the desired temperature in the indoor space.

Thus, it can cause extensive damage to the HVAC system, causing you to replace it. Our technician will check the refrigerant levels, and if there are any problems, he or she will make necessary adjustments. Call Air Repair Pros today for professional Frisco TX cooling and heating maintenance services.

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