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Handyman vs HVAC pro

Handyman vs. HVAC Tech: A Not-So-Chill Battle!

Right now, you’re contemplating whether to call Uncle Joe (who insists he can fix everything) or a professional HVAC company …

Like us, at Air Repair Pros in Frisco, TX!

While Uncle Joe might be a whiz at changing lightbulbs, should he be trusted with the delicate intricacies of installing your new A/C system? Our professional, albeit slightly biased, opinion? Probably not.

Now don’t get us wrong. Handymen are the unsung heroes of home maintenance. They swoop in with a trusty toolbox, ready to tackle everything from wobbly tables to mysteriously jammed windows. But A/C installation is a different beast entirely, often requiring specialized training, tools, and let’s not forget—the legalities! But more on that later.

A/C installation is sort of like a complex ballet—every movement (or in our case, every wire, bolt, and refrigerant line) needs to be expertly placed and connected, or the entire performance goes off-kilter. This could mean inefficient cooling, high energy bills, or even system breakdowns.

Moreover, the world of HVAC is chock-full of warranties, a form of buyer protection that guarantees your system will perform as it should. Now, unless your handyman has some secret warranty provision we’re unaware of, an improperly installed A/C could mean voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

Finally, we need to talk about “The Law.” Dun dun dun! In many areas, air conditioner installations require a city permit. Skipping this step could result in fines or issues when you try to sell your home. Unless your handyman is also a permit-pulling wizard (we hear that’s not a common skill set), it’s another check in the “Maybe Uncle Joe Should Sit This One Out” column.

So there you have it, folks! While we’d never want to disparage the mighty handymen (and women) of the world, A/C installation might be one job that’s best left to the pros. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but here at Air Repair Pros, we’ve got the training, tools, and permits to install your A/C without a hitch. Air Repair Pros has got you covered.

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