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Indoor home air ducts

Why Your Home’s Air Ducts Matter!

Want to know more about the “mysterious” hidden ductwork delivering you perfectly conditioned air?

How they work

Air ducts are typically made from sheet metal, fiberglass, or fabric. They form a system, kind of like blood vessels, that connects your cooling and heating unit to vents throughout your space. The ducts themselves don’t heat or cool the air – they just provide the pathways that allow air that is conditioned by your system to flow where it needs to go.

The ductwork contains supply ducts that carry conditioned air from your system to the vents, and return ducts that circulate air back to the unit. This forms a loop that allows your cooling and heating system to do its job efficiently. (Depending on the time of year!) Pretty neat right? Those behind-the-scenes ducts are an essential part of delivering comfort!

When they don’t work

So keeping those ducts in good shape with proper maintenance is important for making sure your system can do its thing. Is it possible to spot any issues with them, before they get too serious?

Signs of air duct issues can include:

  • Decreased airflow from vents
  • Strange noises like rattling
  • Rooms feeling drastically different temperatures
  • Increased dust around vents
  • Higher energy bills

Our team doesn’t offer standalone duct cleaning, but we will thoroughly inspect ductwork during system tune-ups and repairs. We can identify and seal any leaks or disconnects that make your system work too hard. This maximizes efficiency.

We can also replace any damaged ducts and modify the layout for optimized airflow. Proper duct sizing, layout, and insulation help condition your home effectively. This means fewer hot/cold spots and balanced temperatures throughout.

But for most homeowners, our duct assessment and repairs during regular system maintenance are sufficient to keep your ducts — and your home — comfortable.

So, don’t forget about your air ducts! Schedule service with Air Repair Pros to optimize this part of your cooling and heating system, that works hard behind the scenes. Book an appointment online or give us a call at 469-333-2474.

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