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A/C Fan speed

The Need for A/C Fan Speed!

Today, we’re taking a tour into the world of A/C fan speed, a topic that’s hotter than a Texas chili cook-off in August!


Why, you may ask, should you care about fan speed? Well, the blower fan in your HVAC system is the unsung hero that circulates that heavenly cool air through your home. If your fan’s tempo is off, you could end up sweating in an indoor sauna or, worse still, have a humidity level that’d make a rainforest feel like a desert.

Single-speed vs. variable speed

Now, before we dig deeper, let’s clear up the single-speed vs. variable-speed fan motor debate. Picture this: the single-speed fan is like your stubborn old uncle who only knows one way to drive – pedal to the metal! On the other hand, a variable-speed fan is more like a seasoned rally driver, shifting gears and adjusting speed as needed. Most homes have the stubborn uncle, er, the single-speed fan, while high-efficiency systems often have the variable-speed fan.

How does it work?

So, how does fan speed impact airflow? Well, as you can imagine, the faster the fan goes, the faster your home reaches the sweet spot of perfect comfort. However, in A/C-land, speed isn’t always what matters most. Going too fast can create a humidity problem, too. Striking the perfect balance is key to optimal cooling and controlling your home’s humidity.

In humid conditions like the Amazon rainforest (or just a typical Texan summer), we advise that your fan could even stand to run a tad slower than normal. This way, your A/C has time to pluck out the extra moisture and make your indoor climate comfy!

But don’t go thinking you can tweak the fan speed easily yourself. It’s a job for the pros! Here at Air Repair Pros, we know our way around the color-coded wires of the blower fan. We’ll fine-tune your fan speed and monitor the airflow rate, ensuring your system performs at its best without straining itself into an early breakdown.

So, if you suspect your A/C fan is the problem causing insufficient cooling or uncomfortable humidity, don’t sweat it (literally)! Air Repair Pros is here to help. Book an appointment online or give us a call at 469-333-2474.

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