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Heating and Air Repair in McKinney TX

If your HVAC system fails to keep your home comfortable during the cold winter months, you can call heating and air repair in McKinney TX. Air Repair Pros is a professional company that offers furnace repairs at affordable prices.

Usually, the HVAC or furnace system can undergo a wide range of problems, such as dirty air filters, red burner flame, thermostat issues, ductwork, etc. When there is a problem with the unit, it is essential to hire a heating and air repair in McKinney TX to schedule furnace repairs as soon as possible.

In today’s article, we will talk about some signs that can help you determine your system needs inspections and services by a professional HVAC contractor. Read on!

Unusual Smells or Odors

Usually, a furnace system smells like the fuel it uses, especially when you turn it “ON” for the first time in the winter season. However, if you notice something unusual or strong smell, it means your furnace has a problem.

There are many causes of strange smells and odors, including a gas leak and accumulated dust inside the unit. Call a professional heating and air repair in McKinney TX, to diagnose the problem and fix it immediately before it turns into a bigger issue.

The furnace does not turn “ON.”

If you have an old furnace system, you may find it difficult to turn it “ON.” If you are facing such a problem, do not attempt to diagnose and fix the problem yourself. It is a sign that indicates your furnace system is damaged.

If you have tried to turn on the system multiple times, but it does not work, you need to immediately call Air Pros to schedule furnace repairs. The problem usually occurs when the furnace system has disconnected wiring or malfunctioned thermostat.

Our technician will visit your home and inspect the system. Once we diagnose the problem, we will fix it. Otherwise, our technician will ask you to replace the affected component. Sometimes, replacing the part is necessary to avoid such a problem in the future.

Discolored Pilot Light

Experts at Air Repair Pros recommend homeowners to pay attention to the pilot light color. A properly functioning pilot light has a blue color. If the pilot light appears other than blue, such as red, green, or any different color, it means there is a problem with the system. If the flame is yellow, it means something is wrong with the ventilation.

There are many causes of a yellow pilot light, including gases like carbon monoxide do not dissipate. The issue can lead to various health problems, such as breathing issues and even asthma. It can damage your lungs. So, if you want to maintain the indoor air quality, call a heating and air repair in McKinney TX so that we send our technician to address the issue immediately.

Not Enough Heat

The most obvious sign that you need heating and air repair in McKinney TX, is that the unit does not produce enough heat. If your furnace is not producing warm air or if there is an improper distribution of heat in your home regardless of the thermostat system, it is time to schedule furnace repairs.

Leaking ductwork is the most common cause of inadequate heat in your home. Problems in your ductwork allow the treated air to escape and damage the thermostat. Another reason is that the thermostat does not communicate with the furnace system. Whatever the problem is, our professional technician can fix it in no time.

Loud Noises

Although a furnace system makes some sounds, if you notice loud and disturbing noises like squealing, rumbling, whistling, and thumping, call a heating and air repair in McKinney TX.

Our technician will inspect your system and check the belt and fan. Most often, these types of sounds come from the broken belt or fan. Loose and broken internal components produce groaning and banging sounds. Don’t panic! Our experienced technicians will repair the belt, fan, or any other internal part to make the furnace system function optimally.

Poor Air Quality

If your furnace system is damaged, it will affect the indoor air quality. A poorly maintained furnace system can cause dirt, dust, bacteria, and other environmental pollutants to flow in the air and disturb the air quality in your indoor space.

Remember, it can cause various health issues, including coughs, flu, colds, and other respiratory diseases. If you have allergies, the poor indoor air quality will make it worse, and you may feel other symptoms like watery eyes, itchiness, and headaches. If you want to run your furnace system optimally, it is essential to focus on these problems and fix them by calling professional heating and air repair in McKinney TX.

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