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How Does Air Conditioning Work?

If you are somewhere in McKinney TX and looking for AC services in McKinney TX, then no look further. The Air Repair Pros are here to provide quality air conditioner repair services! We are a team of professionals and highly-skilled technicians, and we can help you to deal with all kinds of air conditioning issues such as cracks, sensor problems, a faulty thermostat, and refrigerant leaks. We provide 24 hour AC repair in McKinney TX, and our highly-skilled technicians will repair your AC systems and make maintenance recommendations that can be beneficial for you and your air conditioning unit. As summer approaches, temperatures begin to rise, and the best way to beat the heat is to rely on your air conditioning unit. An air conditioning unit keeps your home or business environment cool and comfortable in the hot summer month, but have you ever wondered how air conditioning works?

What Is An Air Conditioner?

One of the most effective and popular ways to lower the temperature in this hot summer is with an air conditioner. Air conditioning is an electrical mechanism that conditions the air inside a room. That is, it changes the warm air into the cold air with precise humidity and temperature. An air conditioner keeps your house cool and comfortable by removing hot and uncomfortable air. Air conditioners provide immediate and prolonged comfort, circulating the cold air uniformly, without sudden changes in temperature.

Air Conditioning Components

The air conditioning unit uses several chemicals that go from a gaseous state to a liquid state within a system. These chemicals transfer this heat from inside the room to the outside of the building. There are three fundamental parts of the air conditioning unit, such as:
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
The compressor and condenser are located on the outside of the air conditioning unit, and inside the house, is where the evaporator is located. When the air conditioning unit is turned on, the cooling process begins, and the refrigerant liquid reaches the compressor as a low-pressure gas. The compressor squeezes out this gas and the molecules in the fluid condense. If the compressor is closer to the condensed molecules, then the temperature and energy will increase.

How an Air Conditioning Unit Works: Step by Step

  1. When you start the air conditioning unit, the first thing that happens is that the hot air in the room is sucked through the grille. This is usually located at the base of the air conditioner unit.
  2. Air passes through the cooling pipes through which a refrigerant circulates. The incoming air becomes cooled, and a dehumidifier helps to remove the excess moisture from the air.
  3. The air then continues its way through the air conditioning until it reaches a fan that expels said air back into the room through another grille.
  4. Meanwhile, the refrigerant circulates through the more cooling tubes. As it does so, it collects heat from the air that blows through the pipes and evaporates, going from a cold liquid to a hotter gas. It transfers this heat from inside the room to the outside of the building, where it expels its heat to the outside air. This is achieved due to the refrigerant liquid flows through the compressor and the condensation pipes. There it turns back into a cold liquid ready to cycle around the air conditioning unit again.
  5. The heat from the air that was inside the house is expelled to the outside through the outdoor unit placed outside the building. This part of the air conditioning machine has a fan that dissipates heat into the atmosphere. Thus, little by little, the heat from inside the building is expelled to the outside.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

As we see, the working of the air conditioning is based on a unit in which physical and chemical changes occur. The refrigerant fluid leaves the compressor as a warm, high-pressure gas and moves to the condenser. The outdoor unit of an air conditioning unit has metal blades around the housing. These metal blades work like the radiator in a vehicle and help dissipate heat more quickly. When the fluid leaves the condenser, it’s become colder. Due to the high pressure, it changes its state from a gaseous to a liquid state. The liquid passed through tiny and narrow holes and reached into the evaporator. The liquid pressure decreases when it reaches the other side of the unit.  At that time, the fluid begins to evaporate and become gas again. Thanks to this cooling process, heat is collected from the surrounding air. This heat helps to separate the molecules from the liquid and turn it into a gaseous state. The metal blades of the evaporator also help to exchange thermal energy with the surrounding air. When the refrigerant leaves the evaporator, it is a refrigerated gas at low pressure. When it returns to the compressor, this process starts again. There is a fan that is connected to the evaporator that circulates the air through the interior of the room and the blades of the evaporator. The cooling process continues until the indoor air in your home reaches the desired temperature. When the thermostat detects that the inside temperature is at the desired level, the air conditioning turns off. And when the room warms up again, the thermostat turns the air conditioner on again until the marked room temperature is reached again. Now you know how the air conditioning unit works as we all know, that ac unit is the best companion in the hot summer. So if you want to remain calm and comfortable this summer, then you should repair your air conditioning unit before summer with the help of an AC repair service provider.

Best AC Repair Service Providers

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