McKinney Texas HVAC Services - Easy AC Fixes

McKinney Texas HVAC Services – Easy AC Fixes

Homeowners need McKinney Texas HVAC services to fix their air conditioning systems. Like any appliance, ACs need regular maintenance or bi-annual tune-ups to deliver optimal performance. If you fail to maintain your AC or keep it in top-notch condition, you will experience frequent problems, especially during the hot summer months

A central air conditioner is expensive equipment in your home, meaning you need to protect your investment by performing regular maintenance, especially when the weather warms up in McKinney, TX. In today’s article, we will discuss some AC problems and easy fixes. Read on! 

Dirty Air Filters 

Whether you have a window AC or central air conditioning system, a dirty and clogged air filter will restrict airflow, leading to decreased efficiency and reduced cool air distribution in the indoor space. It is crucial to clean your system’s air filters to ensure your AC performs at its peak. 

Check the filter periodically and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when replacing the old filter with a new one. If you don’t know how to perform this task adequately, you can hire Air Repair Pros, a professional company that offers air conditioner repairs in McKinney TX. 

Research shows that HVAC filters can last three to twelve months. However, we advise our clients to change the filter every month for optimal system function. Bear in mind that a central AC system constantly runs, meaning filters accumulate dirt and dust. 

So, it is wise to change the air filter every month. That way, you can reduce the burden on your AC and improve your indoor air quality due to less distribution of environmental pathogens and particulates. 

Incorrect Thermostat Settings 

A malfunctioned thermostat requires you to call Air Repair Pros, a reputable company that offers McKinney Texas HVAC Services. On the other hand, if the thermostat has incorrect temperature settings, you can quickly fix it yourself. 

If your AC system has a programmable or SMART thermostat, you can control your home temperature without any problems. Make sure your system’s thermostat is not exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, it will damage the system’s registers or cause them to set the wrong temperature. 

Dirty or Blocked Registers 

Dirty or blocked registers can lead to long-term complications if you fail to deal with them promptly. You can use a vacuum product to clean the registers and remove the accumulated dirt, dust, and debris. 

Ensure furniture and other household items do not block the registers. Otherwise, the system won’t distribute the cool air in the indoor space. If the problem persists, call Air Repair Pros for advanced solutions. 

Not Enough Space for the Compressor

Check whether plants and other objects crowd the compressor of your AC system. Remember, the outdoor compressor of your central AC system needs enough space and adequate airflow for proper functioning. 

Therefore, it is wise to have at least 3-4 feet of space between the compressor and plants or structures. If you have trees above the compressor, make sure you cut the branches or hire a tree removal company for proper cutting. 

Experts recommend maintaining at least 5-6 feet of clearance between the top of your AC unit and the trees above. On the other hand, if the compressor has any other problem, you can contact Air Repair Pros for air conditioning repairs in McKinney TX. 

The Importance of Bi-annual Maintenance 

Air Repair Pros offer McKinney Texas HVAC Services, including bi-annual maintenance to ensure your AC system runs optimally throughout the summer. Our HVAC technician will inspect the system for minor issues before they turn into significant problems. 

Remember, preventive maintenance is the key to prolong your system’s lifespan, improve its performance, and reduce energy bills. Air Repair Pros has licensed technicians with many years of experience. 

Our company performs a thorough background check before hiring technicians. The purpose is to ensure all our clients in McKinney receive top-quality services at the most affordable costs. 

Our company has also launched the Comfort Club Membership Program that offers numerous benefits to homeowners. When you become a member of the program, you will have two free bi-annual tune-ups and priority AC repairs in McKinney, TX. 

Moreover, a malfunctioned air conditioning system consumes more energy when not maintained properly. As a result, you will receive higher energy bills every month that can cost you a lot of money. 

Likewise, a malfunctioned AC system works harder to maintain optimal temperature levels in the indoor space. So, if you want to get rid of all AC problems and ensure the system works optimally for a long time, contact Air Repair Pros for McKinney Texas HVAC Services.

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