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Murphey TX Furnace Maintenance Tips

Murphey TX Furnace Maintenance is crucial if you want to prolong the system’s lifespan, maintain its energy efficiency, and increase your home comfort. Many homeowners in Murphey, TX, ask: how to maintain furnace?

Although you can clean air filters or replace them yourself, you can’t carry out the entire maintenance procedure. Air Repair Pros recommend bi-annual furnace maintenance or before and after the winter season.

You can avoid a wide range of problems by hiring a professional HVAC company to check the system and diagnose issues. Fixing minor issues on time is helpful for your system. Here are a few Murphey TX Furnace Maintenance tips.

Schedule a Professional Tune-Up

How to maintain furnace? Getting a bi-annual furnace tune-up is the best way to ensure peak performance and avoid breakdowns in the future. During the Murphey TX Furnace Maintenance, Air Repair Pros’ technician will clean the entire unit, inspect the system for operational issues, and adjust it for optimal efficiency.

Replace Air Filters

Replacing air filters is the easiest thing you can do yourself. However, if you don’t know how to remove the filter from the encasement, make sure you hire our maintenance services in Murphey.

Our technician will check the air filter to see whether it has accumulated dirt and dust. Depending on the grime intensity, the technician will decide whether the air filter needs cleaning or replacement.

Bear in mind that a dirty or clogged air filter makes the system work harder. Therefore, hiring a professional every 1-2 months to change it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines is essential.

Clean Air Registers

Air registers are an essential component of the HVAC system. When furniture or any other object close or block air registers, the furnace system will work extra hard to achieve the desired temperature in your home.

So, make sure you remove furniture and other objects to clear the floor registers. If any problems cause obstructions in the air registers, our technician will take a look at it and ensure the registers are free from obstacles.

Check the Pilot

If you have an older furnace system, it is crucial to check the pilot light from time to time. Check the pilot light to see whether it is burning bright blue. If you see another color, it means the pilot light is not burning efficiently. Call our professional technician to inspect the pilot light, diagnose the issue, and fix it immediately.

Clean the Furnace Surroundings

Keeping a clear area around the heating equipment is essential for safety. It allows easy access for the technician to perform repairs or Murphey TX Furnace Maintenance. For instance, avoid keeping a litter box near the furnace system.

Research shows that ammonia fumes from the little box can cause corrosion in the heat exchanger. Likewise, the foul odors will circulate in the indoor space and cause discomfort. Avoid storing combustibles, such as paint, gasoline, and chemical-based cleaning products near the heating unit.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is like the central nervous system of your heating equipment that tells the furnace how much heat is needed to maintain your home comfort. However, the thermostat can undergo a wide range of problems.

Our technician will inspect the thermostat, including the batteries. If the batteries are dead, our technician will change them. If your thermostat operates on your house’s electrical system, our technician will check it and tighten the connections to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Moreover, our technician will open the thermostat and unclog it by removing dirt, dust, and debris. Likewise, our qualified technician will recalibrate the thermostat settings to ensure the equipment does not blow cold air.

Oil the Furnace Blower

Lubricating or oiling the furnace blower is crucial when preparing your heating equipment for the winter season. Our technician will ensure all the components are clean and in working order.

The primary function of the blower is to draw heat or hot air from the furnace and distribute it equally throughout the indoor space. When you hire our Murphey TX Furnace Maintenance services, our technician will lubricate the blower to ensure it distributes the heat properly. Besides, this also extends the heating equipment’s lifespan.

Contact Air Repair Pros

How to maintain furnace? Air Repair Pros is a reputable company that offers quality, reliable, and affordable maintenance and repair services in Murphey. Many homeowners think that maintenance services are expensive.

Although this is true up to some extent, the good news is that Air Repair Pros offers the Comfort Club Membership Program. Becoming a member of the program allows you to receive complimentary bi-annual Murphey TX Furnace Maintenance. Contact us today!

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