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Why You Should Get the REME HALO® COVID-19 Air Scrubber for Your Home

There are many COVID-19 air scrubber products available on the market. However, not all of them eliminates the novel coronavirus from the indoor space. Research shows that the average human takes about 15-16 breaths per minute in the resting phase. It means you breathe over 8.5 million times a year.

Bear in mind that poor indoor air quality can make you prone to getting infected with the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. It can also lead to various respiratory conditions, such as asthma and lung cancer.

Therefore, it is crucial to purchase and install a robust and high-quality air purifier for the home. In today’s article, we will discuss the best Covid-19 air scrubber, known as the REME HALO® air purifier for home. Read on!

What is REME HALO® air purifier for the home?

REME HALO® is an innovative Covid-19 air scrubber that comes with advanced, cutting-edge IAQ technology that purifies your indoor space air and maintains its quality to ensure you breathe fresh and clean air.

It enables homeowners to bring air in without opening doors and windows. The product can purify every cubic inch in the indoor space, leading to the elimination of gases, microorganisms, including SARS-CoV-2, particulates, allergens, and pollutants.

How Does REME HALO® Covid-19 Air Scrubber Work?

The REME HALO® in-duct air purifier for home uses reflective electromagnetic technology. After installing the product in your HVAC system’s air ducts, the product will produce hydrogen peroxide plasma. The IAQA technology will distribute the plasma through the air handler and ducts into your indoor space.

Unlike other products that require allergens and pollutants to pass through the filtration and purification, the REME HALO® Covid-19 air scrubber performs proactively. It gets to the source of environmental allergens, including the novel coronavirus. The purpose is to purify the air and eliminate the Covid-19 spores.

The charged plasma solidifies the Covid-19 virus, causing them to stick together. That way, the product allows the HVAC filter to trap the spores or microbes and eliminate them immediately. Bear in mind that hydrogen peroxide is an essential part of the earth’s atmosphere that purifies the air naturally.

Why use the REME HALO® Covid-19 Air Scrubber?

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Covid-19 spreads mainly through close contact from individual to individual. However, recent research highlights that the virus can remain airborne for an extended period and stay on different surfaces in the home.

As a result, it can contaminate the indoor air and increases the chances of infection. Some studies show that indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air if a homeowner fails to install the right devices. It can significantly affect your health and your family’s well-being, causing them to get infected with the deadly virus.

Investing in the REME HALO® Covid-19 air scrubber is an effective solution to remove airborne particulates like pollen, dust, microbes, and dander. The product is effective against the novel coronavirus and all its variants. Besides, it can kill 990% of microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria.

At the same time, it prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces sneeze germs, protecting you from infectious diseases. The REME HALO® is a high-quality product available at Air Repair Pros, and you can integrate it with your HVAC system because it operates at a relatively low decibel level.

Besides, it helps you breathe easier, kills Covid-19 spores, and avoids illness. That way, you can stay comfortable in the indoor environment and sleep better at night without worrying about getting infected with the deadly virus.

Another benefit of this Covid-19 air scrubber is that it reduces the wear on your air conditioner system, leading to reduced electricity consumption. Thus, you can save more money on your monthly energy bills. Moreover, it decreases asthma and allergy symptoms frequency by eliminating viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, dirt, etc.

REME HALO® offers Proactive Prevention

The REME HALO® air purifier for home is quite different from other products available on the market. The main difference is that this product fights contaminants actively in the indoor space, making it the most powerful and effective Covid-19 air scrubber.

The product produces hydroperoxide molecules that go through the ductwork and enter your indoor space. While these particles are harmless to humans, they neutralize 99% of bacteria and viruses, including the Covid-19 spores that accumulate on surfaces.

The product also releases ionized particles. These particles are negatively and positively charged and attach to allergens, pollutants, viruses, and bacteria, causing them to form a cluster. As a result, your HVAC filtration system detects them quickly. Contact Air Repair Pros today for a high-quality REME HALO® Covid-19 air scrubber.

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