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Prepping for Thanksgiving

The Guests Are Coming! (How to Keep Your Home Comfortable for Thanksgiving)

As you prep your home for a Thanksgiving party, think of your home’s temperature and comfort for your guests.

With all the cooking, baking, and extra bodies in the house, your home’s temperature can fluctuate like crazy. You don’t want to be a hot mess or give anyone the cold shoulder! Proper temperature regulation is key for maximizing comfort while hosting. Here are Air Repair Pros’ tips:

  • Give your thermostat a checkup. Make sure it’s accurately reading the temp so you can stay ahead of any swings. A few degrees can make a big difference between chilly and sweltering.
  • Consider lowering the temperature a bit. With all the action in the kitchen, things are bound to warm up quick. Dropping the temp preemptively means you and your guests won’t overheat mid-meal.
  • Use cooking appliances wisely. Ovens and stovetops produce major heat. Try timing their use so they’re not all running at once. And don’t forget to turn them off when not in use!
  • Add extra circulating fans. Moving air feels cooler. Set up some box fans or ceiling fans to keep air flowing. Position one near where food is being prepared.
  • Check on hot spots. Scan for rooms that seem warmer than others. Close vents in heated areas and open more in cooler zones to redirect airflow.
  • Remind guests to dress for the occasion. Suggest light layers that can be added or removed to stay comfy.
  • Avoid opening windows. The quick influx of cold air can shock your heating system. Instead, rely on fans to circulate the existing air.
  • Set your thermostat fan to “on.” Keeping it running gently distributes air without blasting cold drafts.
  • Check your air filter. A clean filter optimizes airflow. Replace it if needed so your system doesn’t have to work as hard.

With a few simple adjustments, you can keep the holiday spirit bright, without it getting hot. Don’t let your heating system be the “turkey” that ruins Thanksgiving!

Reach out to the experts at Air Repair Pros if you need any help getting your home guest-ready. We’ll make sure your heating and cooling system is primed for holiday hosting. Gobble gobble!

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