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Why is My Heating System Blowing Cold Air?

It’s a dark and cold October night. You flip the switch to turn on your aging heating system… And get a spooky surprise!

An icy wind howls outside, as you brace yourself from the warmth and comfort of your just-turned-on system … You’re expecting a soothing blast of heat … But instead, you’re met with a spine-chilling breeze whispering from the vents – the telltale breath of a dying heating system.

If yours is blowing cold air despite your best efforts, there could be some deeper, more sinister issues at play. Don’t let these problems take you by surprise!

Be on the lookout for the following signs that your heating system may be slowly meeting its demise:

The blower runs but no heat comes out

You hear the blower motor droning away, but only icy, lifeless air seeps from the vents. This phantom-like presence – all noise but no real heating action – likely means a severe crack or break in the heat exchanger. Such cracks allow the warm air to escape before it can circulate through your home.

Eerie rattles and groans in the night

Late at night, you hear odd hisses, clanks, and clunks emanating from the mechanical room. These scary sounds indicate something is stuck or mechanically failing. From a seized blower motor to debris rattling around inside, strange heating system noises mean trouble is afoot.

The temperature plunges scary-low

One minute the house seems reasonably warm, the next it’s plunged into a bone-chilling freeze. These extreme temperature swings indicate the system is struggling badly to warm your home. Blighted by problems, it can no longer fend off the icy breath of winter.

While no one wants to replace their trusty old heating system, letting it limp along while problems worsen will only leave you chilled to the core.

Get ahead of a more costly breakdown and call in the Frisco experts at Air Repair Pros to inspect your system, before things get too spooky! Book an appointment online or give us a call at 469-333-2474.

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