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Troubleshooting AC Leaks

For some homeowners, it is not difficult to carry out the process of AC leaks troubleshooting. However, for many others, it is much harder even to diagnose the problem of AC leaking water. Therefore, they often the question “Why is my AC leaking water?” Well, there are many causes of AC leaking water, such as cracked drain pan, blocked drain line, or dirty air filter. If you don’t have enough knowledge about central AC systems, then it is a bad idea to perform AC leaks troubleshooting as a DIY project. Air Repair Pros McKinney is a professional and experienced company that offer various types of AC services, including installation, repair, and preventive maintenance. We have qualified technicians who understand every bit of the AC systems. So, it is crucial to decide whether you need to carry out the job yourself or hire a professional technician. It is important to make an informed decision. Otherwise, you can further damage the AC system. Read on!

AC Leaks Troubleshooting

Every homeowner in McKinney wants their AC system to work properly, especially in the hot summer months, where the temperature is high. If you have turned “ON” the AC and you found out that it is leaking water, it is important to either fix it yourself or call a professional service, like Air Repair Pros. You should always have a central air conditioner tuned up professionally every spring and fall. If you are a savvy homeowner, you can accurately do small repairs and enhance the system to make it function properly. On the other hand, if the AC system leaks, you have to address the problem right away before you end up having a major issue. Leaking ACs can cause structural problems, such as damages to the walls, ceilings, and anything else around it.

Why is My AC leaking Water?

As a homeowner, if you are keen about the AC system and want it to function properly, then it is a wise idea to have regular preventive maintenance every year. Anyway, if you notice water under the indoor air handler, make sure you turn off the AC at the breaker box. Then, diagnose the problem and fix it. If you don’t have enough knowledge and skills to carry out the job yourself, call Air Repair Pros. We will send a technician that will diagnose the issues and start fixing them. Continue reading!

Frozen Evaporator Coils

When it comes to AC leaks troubleshooting, first, the technician will check for the frozen evaporator coils. There are a few causes of AC leaking water. For instance, the primary one is a blocked air filter. When the air filter is dirty, it won’t allow the air to pass through it easily. As a result, it will lead to frozen evaporator coils. Because refrigerant flows through the evaporator coils, it requires proper airflow that can adequately absorb heat. However, if there is any restricted airflow, it will cause the formation of ice and dripping water. Dirty coils may also cause the problem of frozen evaporator coils. Likewise, lack of refrigerant, broken blower motor, blocked registers, vents, and dirty coils are also some of the causes of frozen evaporator coils. The freezing of evaporator coils means the refrigerant will not absorb heat from your home. It will cause warm air in the home as well as damage the compressor. If you think you can change the air filter, then go ahead and do it immediately to avoid the problem of evaporator coils. If not, you can call Air Repair Pros to fix the problem. We will replace the air filter every 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days.

Blocked Condensate Drain Line

Another reason why the AC leaks water is a blocked drain line. AC leaks troubleshooting is a potential DIY project. However, if you don’t have the necessary tools or equipment to fix the problem, then we advise you to call Air Repair Pros. Debris, dirt, algae, and fungi are the main causes of a blocked condensate line. It is important to clean the drain line every month. You can either do it yourself or call a professional technician. The professional will locate the PVC pipe, which is near the air handler’s drain pan. It has a pipe positioned at 90 degrees angle as well as has a small cap on top. The technician will unscrew the cap and pour some chemical down the drain line. If you are doing it as a DIY project, you can pour 5-10 ounces of vinegar down the drain line. Here at the Repair Pros, we think it is one of the best AC leaks troubleshooting methods.

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