When Do You Need AC Repair Services?

When Do You Need To Get Your AC Repaired

Is your AC acting up? Don’t let it turn your home into a health hazard! The EPA warns that malfunctioning appliances can release pollutants, impacting your indoor air quality. Having a reliable AC repair company on speed dial is crucial, especially for emergencies.

The good news: regular maintenance can prevent these issues entirely, keeping your home cool, clean, and comfortable all year round.

Finding 24/7 AC Repair in Frisco, TX

AC systems can malfunction at the most inconvenient times. While some issues might seem minor at first, like strange noises or reduced airflow, ignoring them can lead to bigger problems down the road. Gas or refrigerant leaks, for example, require immediate attention from a qualified professional.

That’s where Air Repair Pros comes in. We offer fast, affordable AC repairs in Frisco, delivered by highly skilled and experienced technicians. Emergency repair is crucial, but choosing the right company is equally important.

Going with an unqualified contractor might seem like a quick fix, but it can lead to more frequent breakdowns and higher costs in the long run. Here at Air Repair Pros, we prioritize quality, reliability, and affordability. You can trust our team to get your AC back on track quickly and efficiently.

Signs You Need to Call Air Repair Pros:

Foul Smells 

If you notice any gassy or foul odors around your house, it is wise to contact an air conditioning repair expert. Bad or gassy smells are like sulfur or rotten eggs. Close off the main gas line before you contact our company to avoid complications and toxicity. 

Remember, an air conditioner works by converting hot air into the cold air, meaning the droplets of water must drain out through the duct. However, when the leftover water and increased moisture levels accumulate inside the duct, it will grow bacteria and fungus. 

The accumulated bacteria and fungus will cause foul odors and lead to discomfort inside your home. That’s why it is crucial to act immediately and call our company. Our technician will visit your home and inspect the AC duct system to eliminate harmful smells. 

Frozen Coils 

Your AC system’s evaporator coil contains refrigerant. The primary function of refrigerants is to absorb the heat from the air. The coils of your air conditioner system need warm air circulating around them to work optimally. 

When there is a problem with the airflow and the coil gets too cold, it will build up ice on the outside. You will get warm air circulating inside your home due to frozen evaporator coils. The warm air comes from the AC supply registers. 

Our technician will visit your home and inspect the evaporator coils. We use top-quality tools to ensure the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air and function properly. Thus, repairing damaged coils on time can prevent this problem in the future. 

Low Refrigerant Levels 

Your air conditioning system uses the refrigerant to remove heat and humidity from the air in the indoor space. If your AC system develops leaks in the lines, it will experience low levels of refrigerant. As a result, your system won’t cool your home. 

Remember, replacing the refrigerant is not a practical solution to this problem, and you can get the job done yourself. Hiring Air Repair Pros’ qualified technicians can fix the problem. Our technician will find the leaks and repair the holes in the refrigerant lines. 

Because this is a daunting and time-consuming task, make sure you call Air Repair Pros for proper repair. Even if you contact us at 2:00 AM, we will send a technician to fix or optimize refrigerant levels. 

Fan Issues 

Your HVAC system has a fan that blows air over the evaporator coil for cooling. Another fan blows air over the outdoor unit’s condenser to eliminate the absorbed heat outside your home. 

When these fans don’t work correctly due to a malfunctioned or damaged motor, lack of lubrication, too much dirt or dust, and worn belts, you will experience inadequate airflow and AC issues. 

We’re Here for You, 24/7

No matter the time, if your AC is acting up, don’t hesitate to call Air Repair Pros. We offer 24/7 service to ensure your comfort and safety.

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