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Carrollton TX HVAC Services – Common Furnace Fixes

Are you looking for the best Carrollton TX HVAC Services? The furnace system is an essential piece of equipment that keeps your home warmer during the cold winter months. Regular maintenance of your furnace system is necessary to ensure it does not undergo frequent problems.

However, when you fail to maintain the equipment, it will experience damages, including wear and tear in the mechanical and electrical components. Furnace repair in Carrollton TX, offered by Air Repair Pros, becomes crucial when your furnace system does not work optimally. Here are a few common problems and fixes. Read on!

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

The thermostat is your furnace system’s brain that controls the equipment and tells it to heat the indoor space at the desired temperature. However, a thermostat with incorrect settings can lead to problems. For instance, the furnace system won’t heat your home at the desired temperature.

Although you can adjust the thermostat yourself, we recommend hiring a professional company like Air Repair Pros for proper recalibration. Our technician will check the thermostat and set it according to your heating requirements. Sometimes, the thermostat switches off automatically due to dead batteries. Whatever is the problem, our technician will fix it immediately.

No Power

If the thermostat settings are correct and your furnace system does not turn “ON” or work optimally, it means the equipment does not receive enough power. Our technician will inspect the equipment to see whether the furnace is plugged in properly. Besides, our technician will perform the following tasks:

  • Turn “On” the breaker that controls the furnace
  • Check the wiring and fix issues associated with it
  • Tighten all electrical connections

Strange Noises

You need to call Carrollton TX HVAC Services if your furnace system makes strange and loud noises. The common cause of loud noises is a slipped or worn blower belt. We recommend avoiding fixing the problem yourself because doing so can lead to complications.

Air Repair Pros offer Furnace repair in Carrollton TX. Our technician will visit your home and inspect the system, including the blower motor. Our technician will tighten the belt if there is no damage to it. However, if the belt has experienced wear and tear, our technician will replace it based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the blower of your furnace system produces a scraping or grinding noise, it means something is wrong with the ball bearings. For instance, worn-out ball bearings can cause severe damage to the blower. Therefore, it is wise to turn off the system immediately and call Furnace repair in Carrollton TX.

Pilot Light or Ignition Problems

Many homeowners in Carrolton, TX, have older furnace systems with a pilot light. If the pilot light does not lit, make sure you call Air Repair Pros immediately. It is because the problem could occur due to various causes.

For instance, a clogged pilot orifice, too low flame setting, and malfunctioning thermocouple can cause this issue. Likewise, a defective safety switch is another cause of the pilot light issue.

Air Repair Pros’ technician will turn off the gas supply before relighting the pilot. Bear in mind that natural gas is toxic and highly flammable. So, it is wise to avoid fixing the issue yourself. Our technician will follow the manufacturer’s instructions to resolve the issue.

Moreover, if you have a furnace system with an electric ignitor, our technician will check the flame sensor’s condition. When the flame sensor detects gas but no flames, it will shut down the entire equipment. The primary cause of this problem is accumulated dirt and dust in the sensors.

Our technician will inspect the flame sensor and make necessary repairs to ensure it works optimally. Remember, this is a complex task and requires the skills of an experienced technician. The good news is that Air Repair Pros’ technicians can get the job done adequately.

Dirty Air Filters

Air Repair Pros recommend homeowners not to ignore the significance of air filters. A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow, cause the equipment to consume more energy, and work harder to keep the indoor space warm.

The extra pressure on the system can overheat the heat exchanger. Thus, the system will shut down automatically and cause discomfort for your family. Hire Carrollton TX HVAC Services offered by Air Repair for air filter cleaning or replacement.

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