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Why Does My Heating System Blow Cold Air? – Lucas TX Furnace Troubleshooting

Regular Lucas TX Furnace Troubleshooting can fix a wide range of problems, including the system blowing cold air. Many people ask: Why does my heating system blow cold air? Homeowners hire furnace installation services to install the heating equipment with the primary purpose of staying comfortable throughout the winter season.

In addition to proper installation, regular maintenance is also crucial to ensure the system runs optimally during the winter season. Otherwise, the unit will not run at its peak, produces cold air, and fail to maintain the indoor air quality. As a result, you will receive higher energy bills every month. Read on!

Why Does My Heating System Blow Cold Air?

You can prevent many furnace problems by hiring Lucas TX Furnace Troubleshooting services offered by Air Repair Pros. Regular tuneups and bi-annual maintenance involve inspecting the system, diagnosing the issues, and repairing them to ensure the unit runs at its peak. Here are the reasons why your heating system blows cold air.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

The thermostat is the central component of your HVAC system that ensures the equipment maintains optimal temperature levels inside your home. However, incorrect settings can lead to blowing cold air.

For example, when you switch the thermostat setting from “Auto” to “ON,” the fan will run continuously without producing heat. Therefore, it is crucial to set the settings to “Auto” mode. However, if the problem persists, hire Lucas TX Furnace Troubleshooting services.

Electronic Control Panel Problems

Modern furnace systems come with an electronic control panel. However, when the control panel undergoes problems, the furnace system won’t run optimally. We recommend resting the system to see whether it works properly.

Otherwise, you have to switch off the furnace and call a professional HVAC repair company like Air Repair Pros to fix the problem. Our technicians are well-aware of computerized or software glitches and can reprogram the control panel to ensure the equipment blows warm air.


Overheating is another cause of the furnace blowing cold air. According to Air Repair Pros, a dirty air filter can overheat the system. The compromised or restricted airflow can cause the unit to overheat and shut down the burner.

That’s the reason your furnace system does not blow hot air. Clean or change the air filter to fix the problem. We recommend hiring Lucas TX Furnace Troubleshooting services if the problem persists.

Pilot Light Issues

Older heating systems have a pilot light that continues to run to ensure the fuel burns and the equipment blows warm air. If the pilot has gone out, the system will blow cold air into the indoor space. Relight the pilot yourself, but call us if there are problems.

A Faulty Gas Valve

Sometimes, the pilot fails to light at all. The problem is due to a faulty gas valve. Likewise, the pilot light problem is also due to the dirty system. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris in the gas valve can prevent the pilot light from functioning correctly. Call a professional HVAC company for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Damaged Thermocouple

The furnace system will blow cold air due to the damaged thermocouple. It is a sensor that controls the ignition and function of the gas valve. Although you can fix the problem yourself, we recommend calling Air Repair Pros’ qualified technician for proper adjustments or replacement.

Clogged Oil Filter

Many homeowners in Lucas have oil-powered furnace systems. These furnace systems have dedicated oil filters that filter dirt and dust. However, an old oil filter can experience dirt, dust, and debris accumulation, leading to clogs.

As a result, a clogged oil filter affects the ignition, causing the furnace system to blow cold air. If you know how to clean or change the oil filter, do it immediately. Otherwise, you can call Air Repair Pros’ Lucas TX Furnace Troubleshooting services if there is a lot of mess.

Electric Ignition Issues

Modern furnace systems are equipped with electric ignition components, such as a hot surface ignition or an intermittent pilot. Issues in electric or electronic ignition can cause complications.

Call Air Repair Pros for proper adjustment or replacement of failed components. Our qualified technicians will inspect the ignition system, diagnose the issue, and resolve it immediately using their expertise and quality tools.

Air Repair Pros is a reputable, licensed, and experience HVAC Company, serving residents of Lucas, TX, for many years. Our company provides homeowners with high-quality, reliable, and affordable Lucas TX Furnace Troubleshooting services.

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