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Frisco TX Heating Repair: HVAC Repair and Maintenance

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Best Heating Repairs Frisco TX: Why Is Your HVAC Not Heating? 

Why is my HVAC not heating”? is one of the questions AC technicians get from homeowners. If your furnace is not working, you can do the following to check the problem on your own:

  • No Energy

One of the common no-heat-from-heater issues of HVAC systems is there is no power supply to the heater. Turn the power breaker or the gas valve on. If that doesn’t fix it, the problem may be stemming from faulty wiring.

  • Leaks

Another thing to check is the possibility of leakage in the ductwork. This is what technicians do when they find that the heater can still move air but is unable to heat all rooms.

Causes of ductwork leakage are material ruin due to aging and damage due to recent repairs and renovations in the house. Check the ductwork for warm or drafty spots to show to the AC servicemen when they arrive.

  • Thermostat

Thermostat problems can cause your furnace to behave erratically. If your rooms are heated unevenly or the furnace is constantly turning on and off, your thermostat might not be working properly. Check if it is located near a heat source or it is exposed to sunlight. Also make sure that it is properly leveled on the ground.

  • Clogged Ducts

Clogged ducts cause uneven air flow. Check them for dust buildup, as it is easy for them to accumulate dust, especially in winter months when homes receive poor ventilation.

  • Filters

Filters also collect dust, so make sure that you regularly clean them. Clogged filters block air flow resulting in poor indoor air quality and respiratory problems among the family. If you have pets inside your home, you may need to clean your filters or replace them more frequently.

  • Blower Motor

The system’s blower is responsible for moving warm air inside your home. If their isn’t air coming out of the system, check for a small light indicator. If the light is out, you can say the blower motor has stopped working. If that’s the case, it’s time to call a heating system repair Frisco TX service in.

  • Pilot Light

If the pilot light is not working, your furnace might be having trouble igniting the fuel. Turn off the furnace and then turn it on again. Check if the light is ignited. Should the light fail to turn on after several tries, let a professional heating equipment repair service check it out.

These are common heating system problems homeowners encounter, but they can be avoided if you have your system checked and maintained on a routine basis.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Routine maintenance lowers utility costs and also reduces costs for equipment replacement. To ensure your HVAC will always provide you quality air, do the following:

  • Keep Your Unit Clean

Vacuum the fins of your air conditioning unit using a soft-bristle brush. Note that those fins are fragile and can be easily bent. Read the owner’s manual for directions for cleaning the fins.

  • Unclog the Condensate Drain Tube

The condensate drain tube is clogged if you see water puddling around the furnace. Condensation from AC coils may contain bacteria that form gunk and eventually clog the drain tube.

  • Replace the Filter

Turn off the power supply to the furnace and then lift up the filter. Check the filter for dirt buildup and replace it if necessary.

Other things you can do to ensure good air quality are:

  • Decrease amount of gas emissions (adjust your gas stove for example)
  • Reduce air pollutants by opening windows and doors, and by window shading (for example, closing the blinds)
  • Use exhaust fans – Fans that exhaust air outdoors also remove contaminants where these fans are located.

Here are additional maintenance tips:

  • Insulation check – Replacing damaged insulation will improve the efficiency of your unit. The insulation is located around the outdoor air conditioning lines.
  • Replace frayed belts and pulleys.
  • Lubricate moving parts such as motors and bearings.
  • Check the heat pump.
  • Check the thermostat and controls and make sure they are set at the right temperature.

Heating Installation Frisco TX – Proper HVAC Installation

Is it time for a new unit? Air Repair Pros can help.

Qualified air conditioning and heating contractors will make sure your unit performs at its best. They will help you select the right unit to buy and install, and also ensure that components and infrastructure are properly installed. Specifically, they will help you:

  • Decide the right size to buy for your family
  • Install ducts that will ensure adequate air distribution and avoid leakage for efficient energy use
  • Put the right amount of refrigerant
  • Determine the best place for the AC to be located outside the house to ensure that it is protected from falling objects and the elements and free from obstruction such as shrubs and weeds around it.

Note: Never assume you can just throw away your old unit. You need to check regulations about proper disposal in your area, and you can talk to the local waste management authority about this.

In preparation for the winter season, call Air Repair Pros and have them check your system now. That’s the easiest way to make sure your family is protected in the cold months ahead. Give them a call for a free cost estimate.

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