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How to Troubleshoot Common Underfloor Heating Problems

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When you decide to install underfloor heating in your home, you will likely have many questions about the process. One of the most common questions that we get is that, “Can you repair underfloor heating?” The answer? Absolutely!

When a client decides to install underfloor heating, he or she will tend to have many questions with the most common is if one can repair underfloor heating, of which the answer is yes. Installing underfloor heating may be a somewhat expensive investment. It is covered in levelers where tiles are fixed at the top. What exactly is there to be done if your subfloor goes wrong or stops working for any particular reason? The great news is that repairing the underfloor heating may be an easy exercise. Listed below are some possible reasons why it is not working and how to troubleshoot common underfloor heating problems.

Temperature Sensor

If the thermostat displays strange readings to normal, the underfloor sensor is perhaps faulty. Professional underfloor experts always install a second-floor sensor as a backup to the initial sensor. After that, if the floor sensor happens to become damaged, it would not be a major job to change the sensor is used by the thermostat. In case you do not have a backup sensor, you will then have to install a new underfloor sensor. You can either dig into the grout lines or dig up a tile so that you can position it in an adjacent manner to the underfloor heating mat.


Try setting the clock back to the factory settings to see whether your thermostat is faulty or not. If the problem persists, you then have to change the thermostat.

Underfloor Heating Mat Cable

  1. An accidental break in the cable.
    Many repairs are steadily becoming necessary due to accidental damage of the electric cable. Fortunately, these kinds of failure show you know the exact spots where the break is for you to be able to fix it with a cable repair kit. Most electric underfloor heating mats are manufactured in the same way. This means that the break in the cables can be easily resolved by using a repair kit. Every kit would repair just one break in the electric underfloor warming cable mat.
  2. The faulty parts are unknown
    This is the most challenging and most expensive form of failure; however, fixing it would not be a problem. You need to schedule an appointment with an experienced underfloor heating electrician. He would utilize various part of equipment like a thermal imaging camera to find the source of the failure. Upon the identification of the problem, he may simply dig up tile above the source and fix the break. You can then schedule a tile expert to fit a replacement tile or do it yourself. Do not forget to use grout and a flexible adhesive.

Remember that many underfloor heating mats have a lifetime guarantee. If the electrician finds it to be a manufacturer’s fault, repair costs of the mat would be covered by the manufacturer.

It is therefore advised to check out the terms of your supplier’s guarantee. You may also have to contact the manufacturer, installer or supplier of your underfloor heating mat to authorize a visit by specialized UFH electricians.

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