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Furnace Repair Service in Frisco – The Dangers of Short Cycling

Most homeowners call furnace repair service in Frisco, TX, when their furnace systems do not work properly. A furnace system can undergo a wide range of problems, such as dirty filters, restricted airflow, gas smell, carbon monoxide, cracked exchanger, pilot control issues, inadequate ignition, yellow flame, etc. However, in today’s article, we will focus on short cycling, which is one of the significant issues that can minimize your home comfort.

What is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is a problem characterized by frequent “ON” and “OFF” of the furnace system before it heats your home according to the thermostat instructions. A short cycling heating system won’t produce warm air at all and shut down unexpectedly. There are several causes of short cycling, and next, we are going to talk about them and give you solutions.

An Inadequate Flame Sensor

It is one of the main causes of short cycling furnace. It is characterized by the furnace flame that shuts off immediately after you light it. The primary function of the flame sensor is to figure out whether or not the gas valve has fired and is not pumping gas into the indoor space.

Otherwise, the gas can explode if it comes into contact with an open flame. Although a failed sensor flame works sometimes, it usually shuts down the furnace flame. You can fix the problem by simply cleaning or replacing the flame sensor. If you don’t know how to do this properly, you can call furnace repair service in Frisco, TX.

Dirty or Clogged Filters

A dirty or clogged filter can cause many problems, including furnace overheating. The short cycling time, in this case, is usually two to five minutes. The furnace system will shut off before it warms the indoor space. You may also notice warmer air coming out of the heat grates.

A high-limit switch is an essential component of the furnace system, which shuts down the system if it gets too hot. A clogged air filter restricts airflow into the furnace for heating and distribution. The furnace system overheats quickly without the fresh air. A simple solution to this problem is changing your furnace filter every month. You can call furnace repair service in Frisco for a more professional air filter replacement.

Blocked Exhaust Vent

A short cycling furnace can be caused by blocked exhaust vent. The short cycle time due to blocked ducts is one to five minutes. Remember, it can lead to severe consequences, such as the distribution of hazardous carbon monoxide gas through the vent. The gas won’t escape if the vent is blocked and will leak out of the heating system into your indoor space.

Experts at Air Repair Pros believe that birds’ nests are the most common cause of blocked vents. However, the problem can also be caused by beehives, ice, and snow in the duct. Some homeowners use screens on vents to prevent pests from accumulating it. Remember, this is not a good solution because screens can get clogged easily.

Anyway, the solution to this problem is clearing the vents from the exhaust flue, birds’ nests, beehives, and other debris. Although you can handle the situation yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional furnace repair service in Frisco.

Closed Heat Grates

Closed heat grates can lead to the problem of short cycling and overheating furnace. When the heat grates are closed, the air filter won’t allow the fresh air to pass into the furnace system. The short cycle time in this situation is three to ten minutes, and the heating system will stop working before it warms your home.

When the heat grates are closed, the air coming out of them is usually hotter than normal. The main function of grates is to allow the air to flow out of the ductwork into the indoor space. Grates are also known as registers or vents. Heat grates usually have dampers that will enable you to control and distribute heat in your home.

Closed heat grates would cause problems in the blower and prohibit it from dispersing enough heat in the indoor space. As a result, the furnace will build up the heat, leading to overheating, short cycling, and shut down eventually.

Furnace repair service in Frisco, TX, has experienced technicians who know how to fix the problem. Our technician will use specialized tools to open the closed grates. Likewise, he will ensure that all of them are open so that your furnace system does not undergo short cycling.

Final Words

Air Repair Pros is a professional HVAC company in Frisco, TX. Our experienced technicians can resolve the issue of short cycling. Our record shows that we have covered 99.9% of problems associated with short cycling overheating and furnace. Air repair pros have equipped its technicians with the latest, cutting-edge technology tools that help them solve the problem in no time. Contact furnace repair service in Frisco today!

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