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Common Thermostat Problems – Easy Fixes and Professional Services

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You need a thermostat repair service if it is not working properly. Sometimes, the issues in your AC thermostat can affect the entire central AC system. There are many problems that homeowners deal with when the thermostat is affected.

What are the common thermostat problems and how to fix them? This is an important question or a common concern of most homeowners. In today’s article, we will tell you about the problems and give you solutions.

Remember, if you are not a technician, then you can’t identify the problems yourself and fix them. Here are some of the most common thermostat problems. Read on!

Thermostat Repair Service: AC Turns on Too Much

If the central air conditioner turns on too much or if you see that the furnace is turning on and off repeatedly, then there is a problem with the AC thermostat. How to fix this problem? Well, you must hire a thermostat repair technician who can accurately fix the problem.

Many people think that this is not a thermostat issue. However, if you hire a professional, he will tell you that the thermostat is causing your AC to turn on too much. Most often, homeowners put the AC thermostat directly in the sun. In such a situation, the functionality of the thermostat can be affected drastically.

This is a common problem and the solution is simple. A homeowner who does not have enough knowledge about how the thermostat works will often put it in the sun.

On the other hand, the thermostat repair technician will ask you to move it somewhere to block the sun—for example, curtains or drapery. The AC repairman will make sure that it is not in a room, which has an outside door or open window in it.

Moving the AC thermostat to a close room will help with optimizing the temperature control and regulation. This is the most effective solution.

Thermostat Reading the Wrong Temperature

If your thermostat is reading the room temperature that does not match the set temperature, then there is a problem with it. Imagine, it is 80 degrees in the room, and everything seems uncomfortable, in this case, you can turn down the temperature to 72 degrees.

The AC will turn on, but the room temperature will only reach 74 degrees before the AC turns off. Besides, it must be 72 degrees and not 74. So, what exactly is causing this? Maybe it’s the thermometer of your AC thermostat, which is not working properly.

If the Ac thermostat is older such as a liquid thermostat, then the technician will pop off the lid of the thermostat and adjust the thermometer. This is easy as it can be done with the help of a screwdriver.

On the other hand, if you are using a modern HVAC or central AC system that comes with a digital thermostat, then the technician will readjust the thermometer according to the instruction manual that comes with the AC.

AC Runs Constantly

If your AC keeps running, then this might be another problem of the thermostat. The thermostat repair technician will check the fan settings, and if the fan setting is “ON,” it means the fan will keep running constantly.

On the other hand, it is important to change the fan setting and readjust it to the “Fan Auto” feature. Once done, the fan will run only when the AC is turned on. This is important for saving power or energy and maintaining your bills.

Obviously, you don’t want bills that will break your bank. So the “Fan Auto” feature is an easy fix to this problem, and it will help you run the AC efficiently and save on costs of energy.

Improper Cooling

If your cooling system does not cool your room, then there is a problem with your thermostat. Many homeowners simply ignore the thermostat unless they try to adjust the temperature. The issue is that weather and seasons do change. Therefore, you need to switch from heating to cooling or cooling to heating.

Many homeowners forget that they set the AC thermostat for “Cool” or “Heat,” depending on whether they want cold air or hot air. When your central AC system or HVAC system is not cooling or heating your indoor space properly, the simple fix is to change the setting from “Heat” to “Cool.”

You can do it yourself. It is easy. On the other hand, if your AC is still not cooling your home, then you need an AC repair technician who will thoroughly analyze the issue and find adequate solutions based on his experience.

Lastly, are you looking for a qualified and licensed technician, you can call or email Air Repair Pros McKinney and we will fix any of your thermostat issues in no time at the most affordable prices.

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